back to article Upstairs, downstairs: IT goes into service

It seems as though everything these days is being provided as a service. Software, security, storage, platforms and infrastructures are all being rented by the seat, MIP or gigabyte. And now it's desktops. Virtualisation transforms the desktop from an item of personal jewellery into a service. Your users’ PCs cease being …


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  1. kosh

    The failure of chargebacks

    If a business owner can just finding cheaper hosting elsewhere, they will. The resulting feral IT is wholly uncoordinated with other systems.

    The result: fragmented services that don't integrate or interoperate.

    So don't take on pay-as-you-go scheme. You can still pinpoint inefficient users through cost reporting.

  2. drake

    LOL, service.

    Some (note, not all!) business people think you can just buy these 'IT services' and they will all just work perfectly - no issues, mega resources available, will scale forever, perfect resilience, in built DR, no skilled engineering staff required to build/operate - and all for the cost of a few peanuts etc etc...well one word: idiots.

    I like to think of the provision of 'IT Services' as a feat of engineering - i.e a group of engineering geniuses who can build something special, which happens to be within a 'given budget'...yeah sure, you can buy a VCE vblock, or an Oracle Exadata/Exalogic blah de blah, but there isn't much fun there now is there (well ok there is a bit)?...anyhow, my point is when will companies and businesses re-instate their super techies back where they should be? Gods walking amongst mere mortals...

  3. Dropper


    It's the duty of everyone in IT - from tech support to software development, to disabuse this notion we are a service industry. Start treating people who buy and use technology like the second-class lowlives they are. Forget A+, Cisco or MCP certification, genuine IT certification teaches you how to properly insult a customer and have them thank you for it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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