back to article Voda India scraps lawsuit over Facebook rant

Vodafone’s Indian operation Vodafone Essar has dropped legal action against a customer that dared criticize its services on Facebook. The carrier has bowed to public pressure after causing a social media backlash when it legally threatened a customer to cease making negative comments on Facebook or contact its customer service …


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  1. cor

    Another corporate misfire on soc-nets..?

    Seems today that politicians, corporate staff and celebs need to get potty training on Facebook and other socnet usage.

    (Ask Mr. Wiener about his chances of becoming NY Mayor now...)

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Corporate Mentality Fail

    Rather than find out WHY this guy was actually spewing all this negative stuff about Voda they resorted to harsh costly legal threats? IDIOTS

    Might it be the fact you're paying a large direct debit but your phone says NO SERVICE or drops 100% of call attempts before you have enough of speaking to customer service morons who come over as total dumbasses? "take the SIM out and polish it a bit"

    Orange told me the reason for Slow data connections "its caused by the birds flying in front of the antennas"

    It really annoys me that these big corporates would rather say "fuck off and go elsewhere you complaining customers", anything rather than admit they have a serious network problem?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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