back to article NEC outs spintronics content-addressable memory tech

NEC has claimed to have come up with the World's first memory cell to use new form of storage that's as quick as Ram yet as non-volatile as Flash. The memory - co-developed with Japan's Tohoku University - is based on 'spintronics' technology: kit that utilises electrons' rotational characteristics and their resulting ability …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Please correct my maths

    But doesn't 9.4 mW/bit equate to just over 10 MegaWatt per Gigabit or about ~ 1.25 MW/GByte?

    We're gonna need a bigger power cable....

    1. system

      RE: Please correct my maths

      8 bits needed for a byte makes it 10 * 8, not 10 / 8. So 80MW per GB.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Up


        Thank you!! I stand corrected.

    2. DRendar


      You are assuming 1Cell = 1Bit

      You may be correct, but I highly doubt it... This is arguably an early implementation of Quantum Tech... and previous news stories have talked about the possibility of using this tech not just to store binary on/off 1/0 values, but much more.

      Even being able to store values between 0-255 per cell (8 bits binary equiv) brings the power consumption down to a much more manageable 10 MW/Gig ;-)

      Anyhoo... the cell doesn't require power at all times - only when reading and writing.

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