back to article Dragon scoops Expansys into his Marlow den

Etailer Expansys has relocated offices from Manchester to Marlow, but unsurprisingly the majority of the staff refused to make the daily 286-mile round trip. The premises, owned by Dragon's Den bad boy Peter Jones who is non-exec deputy chairman at the mobile PC specialist, are also shared by two firms the company acquired in …


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  1. Lamont Cranston

    Good to see the private sector doing its bit for job creation.

    This, and discovering the association with Dragons' Den, means I will think twice before shopping with them again.

  2. hplasm Silver badge

    Dragons don't have dens.

    They have lairs. These 'dragons' act more like cuckoos.

    They move in and eat all your profit.

    Fie on them.

  3. nyelvmark
    Thumb Up

    UKP 500k rent?

    That's got to be a really nice building.

  4. Velv Silver badge

    Balanced Article - NOT!

    So how much rent in TOTAL did the group spend? £500K for Marlow, but how much MORE for Manchester?

    And as for cleaners - on a one for one basis, they might cost more in Marlow. But if the total number of cleaners required is reduced, it saves money.

    Reduction in jobs is never good, and having been made redundant by a move, I have great sympathy for those affected. But business is business, and this article does little to reflect the state this country has been left in by the Labour Governement of 11 years. It seems more like a personal dig at Mr Jones (who I have no connection with - Duncan is my preferred Dragon)

  5. Pete 2

    Uuuuh, oh! They're looking for "versatile" accountants

    A quick trawl through the job-ads only throws up 5 possible "wants": a couple of sales positions a secretary and two energetic and versatile accountants.

    Now, call me a fuddy-duddy, but the last thing I'd want from an accountant is versatility. I'd much prefer they knew the rules of accounting and stuck to them, rigidly.

    I suppose the versatility could be along the lines of my boss's definition of flexi-time: you're free to work as many extra hours as you like. But the "energetic" bit? Is that for doing a runner, or just recruitment-talk for someone who doesn't spend all their time snoozing, quietly at their desk, flexibly of course.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Versatility has its uses

      "The last thing I'd want from an accountant is versatility. I'd much prefer they knew the rules of accounting and stuck to them, rigidly."

      You'll never get rich thinking like that.

    2. nyelvmark

      the last thing I'd want from an accountant is


  6. Captain Underpants

    If I were them I'd expect the market to remain challenging too

    Their prices are uncompetitive and there's really not much reason for anyone to buy something from them instead of from any of half a dozen alternatives. Especially when competitors aren't owned by that gimboid Peter Jones....

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shame, I used to like them.

    I used to but stuff from Expansys because they were based in Manchester, where I lived for 10 years, and it seemed "personal" in a vague kind of way. Similarly Scan and MicroDirect. Marlow? Pah. Oh well, I buy most stuff from Ebay or Amazon these days.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, that's annoying

    I've bought from them in the past, when they're been reasonably competitive and got things early. I was looking to do so again (when the Evo 3D gets a UK launch), but this sounds like a possible bit of corporate evilness that might put me off. Which is a shame, because I can get to Marlow a lot more easily than I can get to Manchester.

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