back to article Sony shuts down site to investigate possible hack

Sony has temporarily shuttered yet another website following reports it may have suffered an attack by hackers. The company's Brazilian Music site was inaccessible for much of Tuesday as website engineers investigated a possible security breach, according to news reports. Sony spokesman Tomio Takizawa told Bloomberg News the …


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  1. Herr Ober

    Agent Provocateurs at work...

    Smells an awful lot like the government instigated "cyber terrorism" in order to further scaremonger "target audience" and lock down the internet.

    Western democracy at work. Enjoy!

    1. DrXym Silver badge

      More correctly

      Sony is a massive corporate entity with hundreds of web facing partner / regional / promotional websites and some of them are still falling to hackers. Each successive story suggests hackers are scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point, releasing emails lists from dead marketing sites and so on.

      I think you need to buy new elastic bands to secure your tinfoil hat because the current ones are too tight.

      1. L1feless


        Although I don't disagree fully with the premise of your comment that Sony's core sites have not been re-breached it doesn't change the fact that after say the 3rd or 4th site which was breached that Sony has done nothing internally to re-secure or better yet take down old marketing sites which store data in an insecure manor. Its Just freakin' common sense. Its almost like Sony's hired the kids who didn't figure out not to touch the stove burned after the first time they burned themselves.

        1. A handle is required

          False assumptions


          You can't say for sure that they haven't done anything. A few partner sites have been hacked... this doesn't mean that every one of them is vulnerable. For all we know, Sony is busting their ass trying to inspect all public facing sites they have. Obviously, they have A LOT to check, so it's no surprise that a dedicated group keeps poking holes in the ones they haven't gotten to yet.

          Like DrXym said, they (LulzSec @ friends) are scraping the bottom of the barrel. They'll hunt for any minor leak they can for publicity. If you want something to lose sleep over, see the recent breach of RSA.

          Seriously, people need to get some perspective.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        even more correctly

        It's very likely that Sony doesn't know how many websites it has, nor where they're located. To say nothing at all about what data might be on them, whether they've been patched in the last 5 years...

        It's called responsibility, or lack-there-of.

  2. Martijn Otto

    Déjà vu?

    See title.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Ahh.. Karma..

    Im pissed that my private details and my high security password have been leaked out for all and sundry to see.

    Im pissed that i now have to change passwords on several web sites that i would have **thought** were secure.

    Im fucking ecstatic that Sony have had their balls cut open and laid on a plate.

    Im more over the moon that now an army of hackers are going to carry on making life difficult for Sony.

    Message to Sony...

    Fucking hurts doesnt it when you get shat on!!!!!!!

  4. Turk3y

    High security..... same password serveral sites

    seriously you can post that and hold your head high?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      same high security password...

      different log on credentials.....

      You were saying???

  5. King Jack

    Slow Down

    This has got to stop, I made a promise to have a party every time Sony gets hacked. It's costing me a fortune. Let the good times roll.

  6. Rob Moir

    Sony are in big trouble

    I wonder where this is going to end and what the consequences might be. The online presence of a giant corporation staggering under the weight of a billion fleabites, essentially.

    There's a part of me that *really* dislikes Sony since the "rootkit on yer music CD" thing that kinda thinks they deserve all that they get. There's a bigger part of me that just feels sorry for their customers.

    1. Steve Gill

      Though it may be good news in the long term

      Maybe corporations (other than just sony) will realise they need to either pay a lot more attention to their security (and that of their affiliates) or reduce their net presence big time.

  7. L1feless

    @Steve Gill

    That will never happen until the fines and fallout from data breaches exceeds the profit made from not incorporating/ investing in proper security. Its sad but its the truth. Sony will instead turn to its marketing & R&D division, release a new game or console and plaster the ads on TV networks and begin the push forward to make even more money (sorry Shareholder value) and ignore the problem. That is unless the US government, Canadian government, Japanese government and/or others decide to make an example of Sony and then proceed to change the way they treat ignorant corporations.

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