back to article Aliph Jawbone Era motion sensing Bluetooth headset

Hands-free connections for mobile phones have come a long way from wired earpiece-and-microphone combos. Mind you, it’s still a comic pleasure to see people using these as they hold the microphone near their mouths just to be sure. The arrival of Bluetooth nixed the cables but created problems of connectivity, complicated set-up …


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  1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Still stuffing it in your ear?

    Bone conduction for both incoming and outgoing signals seems to be a better option. So-called "bonephones" even allow you to wear earplugs without affecting the headphones, a must for trackdays and useful for noisy datacenters.

  2. DannyAston
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    Very impressed with the device, although the shake to pair is more then 4 times, you need to shake for about 15 seconds!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wear a bluetooth earpiece

    and you're guaranteed to look a prick. 100% OF FACT.

  4. Carl W

    Bigger than the ICON?

    This looks a fair bit bigger than its predecessor the ICON (my third Jawbone headset). Is it just an illusion or does the motion-sensitive gubbins take up the extra space?

  5. Jan 0

    Yes, but

    is there still a Hello Kitty version?

  6. nyelvmark


    I'd be happy to see you using this device when it can drive the car for you while you fumble in the glovebox for the cigar-lighter charger, or look up a name on the phone (yes, even with voice - that takes a lot of concentration) whilst changing lanes on the M4.

    Petrolheads, eh? When the only tool you have is horsepower, every problem looks the same - More POWER, Igor!

  7. Nick


    I was disappointed to find that there were no proper drivers for Windows, so my old Jawbone couldn't be used for PC VoIP.

    I wonder if this is still the case?

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