back to article New Bluetooth profiles for heart rate, body temp kit

Two Bluetooth profiles, covering heart rate and temperature monitoring, have been published today as the Bluetooth SIG continues trying to get the world excited by its Low Energy variant. Bluetooth is already used for both heart and fever monitoring, but a formal profile should enable devices from different manufacturers to …


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  1. M Gale
    Thumb Up

    Proximity reporting?

    Do you need an official spec for "can't see the dongle any more, it's out of range, therefore set off the alarm/lock the screen/whatever"?

    Asides that, Jolly Good Show.

    1. Filippo

      out of range

      It's not at all surprising. Recognizing that there are no dongles is easy, but that's only half of the problem. Recognizing that, on the contrary, a dongle *is* in range involves checking that it's actually the dongle you're looking for, which probably involves some kind of key exchange, which definitely requires an official spec.

  2. Dale 3

    Creative profiles?

    Ok, so here's the question, what other creative profiles can El Reg readers come up with? This should be fun.

    I'll start with Coffee Pot Profile, which sends an alert to your Bluetooth enabled device to tell you how full the coffee pot is. (This crucial function, incidentally, is not without precedent. Webcams rose to their present prominence out of just such a humble beginning.)

  3. Terry H

    This is what you get for being a smart ass

    They thought they sounded so pseudo-scientific when they came out with the "Human Interface Device" (HID for the uninitiated). Now I ask you, why can't I hook a heart monitor up as a "Human Interface Device"?

    Maybe they shouldn't have jumped quite so euphorically into the sea of techno-babble.

    It is always embarrassing when someone points out you're a pretentious wanker.

  4. Eddy Ito Silver badge
    Big Brother

    A step too far

    How long before gubbermint wants expanded versions of these on every airplane passenger?

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