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  1. Neil Brown

    £25? Ouch!

    I bought a USB-powered LED-based light with a flexible housing about five years ago, from the pound shop, and it stills works well.

    I have not tried to modify it to work with an iPad / Kindle / other connector, so I've no idea whether the circuitry would supply sufficient power, but, at £25, this seems remarkably expensive.

  2. Alan Edwards

    Agreed, ouch.

    I paid about £3 for my clip-on light off eBay. It uses a couple of button cells rather than triple-As, but £22 gets you a lot of button cells!

  3. johnnytruant

    mine was £1.50

    although it's host powered, but as my eReader has a usb socket on the top edge, that's no problem.

    Not sure why you'd buy something this hefty and pricey. Especially as I thought a lot of Kindle cases come with lights built in?

  4. bob, mon!
    Thumb Up

    $25 USD, not pounds

    At least in the U.S., it sells for $25. My wife and I each have one, they work quite well and are nicely bright (emergency flashlight, etc.). Rechargeable AAA's help with the battery cost.

  5. Mr Floppy
    Paris Hilton

    Paris, she'll suck your batteries dry

    $25 is ridiculous and it uses 3 AAA's, so direct driven LED and possibly no dropping resistor, plus the weight of 3 AAA's.

    There is a chip that will drive a LED from an input source of 0.9V to 6V. When the source is above 0.9V it maintains a constant light so unlike the 3 AAA direct driven lights, it won't dim as the batteries wear. Below 0.9V, it starts to dim. It sucks every last bit of energy out of a battery.

    It costs 80 cents and it comes with an inductor. I'm sure it'll be cheaper in bulk.

    I have a LED torch that cost me $11. It uses such a similar chip but it has a hard anodised aluminum body to justify the cost and uses a single AAA battery. I haven't changed the battery in it for months. Attached to pivoting head on a goose neck with a clip, all purchased at a shit shop (dollar or pound stores in your local lingo), total cost $12.

    Surely someone can make something better than this.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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