back to article Yahoo! downs! mail! servers! for! essential! and extensive! work!

Yahoo! has bewildered some of its email users by freezing them out of their accounts for what it has described as "scheduled maintenance" to the system. "We are undertaking some essential, but extensive maintenance to improve Yahoo! Mail. During the maintenance period, some users may experience problems accessing Yahoo! Mail …


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  1. Crazy Operations Guy Silver badge


    How is it that large companies still fail at the concept of upgrading a web-facing product? Just take down one machine in a cluster, upgrade it, put it in a new cluster, repeat with next server until you are complete. Its not rocket surgery.

    I still see 'under maintenance' web pages on large web sites.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Perhaps the finally figure out that their system has a gapping security hole and deiced to fix it.

      When I worked at ATT I would constantly see people having their emails hacked into. So unless some one created a virus/trojan that works on Linux/mac and windows Yahoo has a security flaw some were .


      If only...

      I do these kind of migrations all the time for my clients. It isnt just as simple as you describe unfortunately. It shows you dont manage complex clusters.

      Most of these changes are not just to the front end HTML/PHP/JS they often involve complex changes in the bak end as well.

      If yahoo is anything like some of my very large clients, we're talking 10's of LB's and 1000's of Servers, geographically dispersed.

      So I'll give you the USB key and the magic RSYNC command. you go update my farm perfctly the first time. HUP HUP there youngan, get me a working upgrade!

  2. chebucto

    Bad punctuation

    Shouldn't the title read "... and! extensive! work!" ?

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge


    "Just last week Yahoo! rolled out its overhauled email service and removed the beta tag from its online mail product. It also slotted more social media elements into the system. But the makeover has so far received at best an underwhelming response."

    The first time they crowbarred social networking stuff into their mail it went down like a cup of cold sick so Yahoo have decided to carry on digging and add even more.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Frankly I like the new Yahoo mail interface. So the rest of you can go jump in a lake.

  5. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Social crap

    "...slotted more social media elements into the system."

    So they put in some social carp for the 13 year olds, but not everything fitted, so they took out the email part?

  6. Oldgroaner
    Thumb Down

    New Yahoo mail the pits

    The new yahoo mail doesn't work for me with FF4.1, Noscript, Adblock & Better Privacy (appropriate permissions set). When I told them, had a generalized answer which didn't help.

  7. NX1977
    Thumb Down

    when will we get imap?

    IMAP uses less resources than pop or webmail, so shouldn't Yahoo be thinking of adding that functionality?

    1. Rasczak


      Try with SSL on port 993. It's worked for some time for me on the BT Yahoo! mail addresses I have.

      Of course it may only work for their paid for or ISP linked accounts, and not on the freebies.

    2. json

      probably not..

      since they wont be able to show you their ads

  8. tath

    Experiencing problems?

    Yes, they deleted all my emails a few days ago, dating back to the account's creation in 1998. I was not a happy camper when I logged in to find an empty inbox.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Deleted emails

      Yes, in this latest debacle, they managed to delete all my emails in my BT Yahoo! account too. Luckily, I access via a POP interface into Thunderbird - that way, I still have them all locally. A lesson in not trusting the cloud?

  9. Jim Bobble


    The sooner their users realise just what they're missing out on (in terms of email products and actual emails), the better. Then we can all go home, forget about Yahoo! and thousands of mail server admins can stop tearing their hair out trying to get their own emails accepted by Yahoo!'s anal mail policy.


  10. mraak

    Yahoo mail

    After years of trying to copy the ancient Windows Outlook 2000 UI, there's still no option to 'select all unread' messages.

  11. mraak

    Social! Crap! 2! dot! 0!

    They post all my Yahoo! Questions! publicly so everyone can see them. I was being caught by my GF asking some stupid questions. Luckily they were harmless questions but might as well not be.

  12. Jack Prichard

    See you on Gmail

    Let the migration continue.

    Can the last person out of Yahoo! mail please send out a group email the the rest of us so we know the ship has finally sunk beneth the waves.

    ... any suggestions for what the band should play?


  13. Lamont Cranston

    The new interface has confused the hell out of my dad,

    thus increasing my technical support duties. Thanks, Yahoo!

  14. Alister Silver badge

    El Reg fail?

    "We've asked Yahoo! to comment on this story, but it hadn't immediately got back to us at time of publication."

    You e-mailed them, didn't you? go on, admit it...

  15. Anonymous Coward


    This week my spam count has been practically zero, and all my email comes via Yahoo!. This means that either:

    a) A spammer has been busted

    b) botnet offline

    c) Yahoo! SpamGuard is amazing

    d) Yahoo! has been losing some of my emails

    I'm hoping its a or b but have a funny feeling about d even though all my mail does appear to be there, and my spam folder is empty.

    Anyone else?

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