back to article Acer tweaks tablet with MeeGo move

Acer has revealed the first product in its forthcoming M Series - a 10in tablet that runs on MeeGo, the mobile-centric version of Linux. The Iconia M500 - unveiled by Acer's Asst VP David Lee at Computex this week - is a doppleganger of Acer's android alternative, the A500, sharing similar dimensions and an identical screen …


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  1. dogged

    Shallow, I know

    But I think MeeGo's biggest obstacle to market penetration is its incredibly childish and ill-chosen name.

    1. Greg J Preece

      Never heard of the Wii then?

      Or the Pippin?

      OK, scratch that second one.

    2. David Gosnell

      ... and its general crapness

      I tried it for, oooh, a day. For a mobile-oriented system, its 3G support is woeful (though at least better than non-existent in the last version). Get the APN wrong, no GUI way of fixing it - and so few tools installed that impossible to search the drive for likely config files etc. Dialog boxes still go off screen (with Alt-mouse not helping) and the whole thing is generally clunkier than an Audi's door, with incomprehensibly-volatile tabbing between apps (assuming they've not already bombed out) and other downright strange GUI decisions and inconfigurability.

      Such promise, but the only "unstoppable" bit will be its consignment to history, I fear.

  2. Greg J Preece

    Ooh, ooh, ooh!

    A tablet I actually come close to giving two shits about! If the interface is like the demos we saw last year/earlier this year, I'd be tempted. Lack of a physical keyboard is still a bitch, but Linux without an abstraction layer will always get my attention. Say what you like about its predecessor Maemo - and I could - it's very capable for nerdier shut-ins like me.

  3. Bruno Girin
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    Nuff said...

  4. SMFSubtlety
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    Tablet OS comparisons from one manufacturer

    Are Acer trying to provide reference hardware that runs all of the different flavours of Tablet OS so you can see which one you prefer?

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Re: Tablet OS comparisons from one manufacturer

      Wouldn't it be refreshing if they let you do that with all computing products? Unbundle Windows now!

  5. AB

    @David Gosnell

    You tried what, exactly? A commercially-released MeeGo device running a properly customised UI (because if so please tell me where I can buy it)? Or did you in fact come by your harsh and ill-formed opnion based on the reference UI of a pre-release version of MeeGo running on a device which has had minimal or no QA?

    Thought so.

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