back to article BenQ W1200 HD DLP projector

BenQ’s W1200 Full HD projector is shocking. Shockingly good that is. I’ve seen plenty of inexpensive single chip DLP projectors over the past few years, and while I’ve admired their functionality I’ve never hankered after a single one. Typically, they’re noisy to run, prone to rainbow colour fringing – that DLP exclusive image …


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  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
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    So which is it?

    1080 lines or 1200 lines.

    The spec list says 1200 whereas your text says 1080.

    I had to laugh at the 'light controlled dark room' :) :) :)

    Nearly 3 years ago Optoma briefly sold a projector with similar specs and for the same price. I'm lucky to have been in the market for one and snapped it up. It has taken that long for prices to drop to what I call more reasonable levels.

    Oh, and a Canon Xeed does not cut the mustard. I've compared the Optoma and the latest Xeed and its chromatic abboration is truly awful. For a company that makes optical kit I am very surptised.

    This seems like a nice bit of kit.

    It is a real pity that there is nowhere in the UK where you can actually go and see a whole load of projectors side by side and compare them for the sort of use you are going to make of them. You basically have to buy sight unseen.

    If El Reg knows of a place, please let us know.

  2. Steven Knox


    Under Resolution, you listed the supported resolutions, but not the native resolution. I mention this because the company I work for has had more than a few projectors that "support" HD resolutions but are actually 800x600 projectors -- and their downsampling is really crappy.

    Fortunately, that's not the case here. From BenQ's product site:

    Native Resolution 1080p (1920 x 1080)

  3. Dick Emery
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    Refresh rate? Input lag? 3D capable? Things like these are important for gamers.

  4. Synonymous Howard
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    Budget priced?

    You're having a Giraffe mate.

    Early adopters only .. give me a call when it gets under £400.

    1. Bugs R Us

      £1,000 is budget priced

      I think £1,000 is perfectly reasonable for a budget projector of this specification.

  5. Andres

    Shockingly good

    A product as good as rivals costing three times more. And therefore a score of...80%?

    What is it with Reg reviews that everything comes in between 60-90%, with the majority at 70 or 80? Just get rid of the %'s and use stars out of five.

  6. drtune
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    I got a W1100 last week

    and it's excellent. 1920x1080 native resolution. The speakers are ok but you wouldn't really use them. Not too noisy; quieter on econo mode. Works great paired with a cheap NVidia ION HTPC (e.g. $150 on newegg)

    Blacks are good; if you stand up close to screen you can see noise on dark colours; (this is deliberate and part of the picture processing but you can see it; still better than banding or whatever else would happen if it wasn't there)

    Rainbow effect is juuust about there if you're flicking your eyes about and the image is white-on-black (e.g. credits) but it's definitely not an issue for me or wife.

    At night it's very bright on a 100" screen in econo mode ; can't imagine using full power unless partial daylight or a humungous screen.

    I paid $999 direct from BenQ US site and am very happy.

    NOTE: Use the BENQ website room-size calculator before buying! - this project casts "up" (or down if inverted) a lot and really wants to be placed correctly due to limited optical correction abilities. For me it works great when flush against ceiling onto 100" diagonal screen

  7. Mart 2

    Got excited by the W in the model name

    I thought El Rej had leapt to the the forefront of cutting edge tech and were reviewing a Wireless projector but alas not

    Any chance of you doing one?

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