back to article Billionaire Zuckerberg kills to eat

Facebook's billionaire boy genius, Mark Zuckerberg, is a confessed killer – and he's proud of it. "The only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself," Zuckerberg told Fortune. "So far, this has been a good experience." Among Zuckerberg's victims have been a lobster, chicken, pig, and goat. The lobster met its maker …


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  1. Bernard

    I'm fairly sure the butcher shop weren't the first to coin that phrase.

    Sweeney Todd's defence counsel used it way back...

  2. LaeMing Silver badge

    I imagine

    that having the animals professionally butchered rather than doing it oneself has significant positive health benefits, from a food-contamination aspect, too.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      It is not that difficult

      I have to take the knife and properly clean "professionally killed" meat (especially poultry) at aleast 2-3 times out of 10. 10 out of 10 for turkeys. Same for ducks - in 50% of the cases the professional "butcher" (quotes intended) could not be bothered to properly clean the bile out of the liver so it will taste disgusting.

      In any case, butchering stuff is not that difficult and the meat is fresh too. It is not rocket science and there is no point to make rocket science out of it. It also tastes better than animals that have been transported half the way across the country to be electrocuted for the supermarket.

      It is human hypocrisy at its best. Shipping fish alive and having it live in front of you in the supermarket so you can tell the fishmonger "this one" is somehow inhumane while doing the same to the animals is.

    2. L.B

      With his time and money learning to do the butchering would be easy.

      However it could simple be that he cannot or does not want to eat (or freeze) a whole goat/lamd/cow.

      In the UK any meet that is to be sold on to the public must be butchered by a qualified butcher. I would not be surprised if the US has very similar rules.

      I would also add that his statement;

      "I don't have an issue with anything people choose to eat, but I do think they should take responsibility and be thankful for what they eat rather than trying to ignore where it came from."

      I the first (and possible last) time that I 100% agree with him, I have always been discusted by people who discard meat products. Probably because in their tiny little minds nothing died as they got it from Tesco.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Anyone got the recipe for.......

    Winklevoss stew?

  4. Adze


    ...the story I was expecting to read, given the last one was entitled "Zuckerberg: Give me your children."

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Follow up on the threads!

    "Last year his goal was to learn Mandarin."

    Did he succeed?

    "The year before it was to wear a tie every day."

    Did he tie them himself or were they elasticated?

    We need to know!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Which explains ....

    600 Million Dumb Fuck carcases laying about, and legions of undead investors.

    1. the-phil

      Re: Which explains....

      I upvoted your post because you said "Dumb Fuck".

      That should be appended to the end of the article as it seems to fit this whole Facebook/Zuckerberg anomaly. Perhaps anything related to Facebook and Zuckerberg should have it appended. Thanks your for money "Dumb Fuck", thanks for logging in "Dumb Fuck", thanks for your personal info "Dumb Fuck".

      Add Facebook to your PHP strings!


      $YourString .= ' "Dumb Fuck"';


      Its good Zuckerberg is making jobs, employing a butcher and an "animal killer trainer" is good stuff... Don't you think so, "Dumb Fuck"!?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      D&mb F&cks?

      As opposed to people who don't know the difference between "laying" and "lying" ?

  7. mafoo


    Next up... Greg from accounting.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Maybe eventually

    He'll get around to the behemonth of a task that is fixing the privacy issues in facebook.

    No? Thought not...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Late to the party

    Like many townies, he's just late to the party.

    I shoot game when in season (Pheasant, Duck etc.) & vermin all year round (rabbits).

    When you skin & butcher an animal it's never pleasant & you do appreciate the work involved to achieve kitchen ready status. You also have to be aware of animal health issues so not to eat diseased meat.

    Killing an animal with a knife might be done peacefully on a single animal, but if it was humane then slaughter men wouldn't use rifles for humane dispatch. A bullet to the brain is lights out instantly.

    As regards eating meat, I went to a lecture by David Attenborough many years ago & he was asked his views on vegetarianism. As he stated, we have the physiology of an omnivore, we're not designed to eat just meat or just plants.

    1. Dinky Carter


      Attenborough was stating the bleedin' obvious. But we're omnivores because we *can* eat both meat and plants. That doesn't doesn't mean we *have* to, as the millions of perfectly healthy vegetarians all over the world demonstrate.

    2. Loyal Commenter Silver badge


      We're not designed.

      1. JEDIDIAH

        More precisely...

        > Exactly. #


        >> We're not designed.

        A goat or a cow or even a pig can live off of things we cannot.

        If your back garden is big enough, it's more than enough to sustain a cow. You can't say the same for yourself.

        If you engage in clueless vegetarianism, you will hurt yourself.

  10. Charles Manning

    Not the most humane

    The more humane way to kill a lobster is to first stab it between the eyes. The lobster will taste better too.

    Killing mammals by cutting their throats is not a very humane way either. It is way better to shoot them in the brain. There has been significant research showing that it takes a considerable period for a mammal to die with the kosher throat cutting method.

    1. M Gale


      You only have to trawl through Youtube looking for religious slaughter methods to realise that slicing a conscious animal's throat open is neither humane, peaceful or painless. Why do you think such slaughterhouses get an exemption from animal cruelty laws in the UK? I think maybe he interpreted the goat's struggling as a kind of play. "Hey, lookit all this red stuff pissing out of me!"

      Still, at least he's not a hypocrite who cries at Bambi and then goes home to tuck into a nice dish of veal.

      (yes I'm veggie, precisely because I won't kill the things myself)

      1. Anonymous Cowardess

        Re: Indeed

        "Why do you think such slaughterhouses get an exemption from animal cruelty laws in the UK?"

        I know that's why they would need one, but why are they getting one?

        1. dogged

          religious exemption

          You have to allow religious mentalists to be cruel to animals for God unless you want a lot of starving Jews and Muslims around the place. Which you might. I don't much care either way.

          They're only animals.

          1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

            Re: religious exemption

            And you, sir, are only a commentard. Just saying.

      2. Tom Clark

        @M Neal

        I think you'll find that eating Venison while watching Bambi would be more appropriate.

        Just saying, like.

      3. Tom Clark

        @M Gale

        I think you'll find that eating Venison while watching Bambi would be more appropriate.

        Just saying, like.

        1. M Gale

          @Tom Clark


          Also holy crap El Reg, what have you done to the icons?

  11. Bags

    People Eating Tasty Animals

    Personally, I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!

    Mines the one with the tasty animals in the pocket...

    1. Marvin the Martian
      Paris Hilton

      Stop taking other people's credit.

      Did you claw to the top? No, thought not. You just inherited your place from your parents.

      /PH because she is a similar inheritance-achiever.

      1. BorkedAgain

        You asssume much, young Martian.

        How do you know Bags isn't a particularly talented and determined sheep? Born to wooly parents, he looked at his brothers and sisters and decided that their grass-chomping, mint-sauce-ending destinies were not for him? He may indeed be responsible for his own position at the top of the food chain.

        (by the way, who says we're the top of the chain? Don't folks sometimes meet sticky ends in tiger enclosures etc?)

    2. Allan George Dyer Silver badge

      Who said you're at the top of the food chain?

      Ever been bitten by a mosquito?

  12. Eddy Ito Silver badge

    Makes me wonder

    How far is he willing to take this? I've got some recipes for alligator the last time I was in N'awlins and a friend of mine from Africa has some for cape buffalo.

  13. peyton?

    And she knows from what, personal experience??

    "He cut the throat of the goat with a knife, which is the most kind way to do it"

    I rather doubt it. (Though the statement is grammatically ambiguous) If she's suggesting that bleeding to death is better than instant unconsciousness (i.e., by bolt stunner)...

    Just struck me as a really stupid thing to say.

    1. PatrickE

      Using technology

      "And she knows from what, personal experience??"

      Ever cut yourself and not noticed until you actually looked? People who have suffered large blood loss have reported not feeling much pain (typically here in Oz shark attack survivors). Direct visual observation is not a good indicator of sensation.

      Summary report

      Experiments for the objectification of pain and consciousness during conventional (captive bolt stunning) and religiously mandated (“ritual cutting”) slaughter procedures for sheep and calves.

      The investigations had the following results:

      a) For slaughter by ritual cut:

      1. After the bloodletting cut the EEG initially is the same as the EEG before the cut. There is a high probability that the loss of reaction took place within 4 – 6 seconds for sheep and within 10 seconds for calves.

      2. The zero line in the EEG was recorded no later than after 13 seconds for 17 sheep and no later than 23 seconds for 7 calves.

      3. Thermal pain stimuli did not cause an increase in activity.

      4. After the cut the heart frequency rose for calves within 40 seconds to 240 heart actions per minute and for sheep within 40 seconds to 280 heart actions per minute.

      b) For slaughter after captive bolt application:

      1. After captive bolt stunning all animals displayed most severe general disturbances (waves of 1-2 Hz) in the EEG, which almost with certainty eliminates a sense of pain.

      2. The zero line in the EEG was reached for 4 calves after 28 seconds.

      3. For two sheep the cerebral cortex activity only stopped in one half of the brain, whilst it continued in the other in the –region (up to 3.5 Hz) until the bloodletting cut.

      4. The bloodletting cut resulted for all animals in a brain activity (e and d waves).

      5. Thermal pain stimuli caused an increase in activity in one sheep.

      6. The heart frequency rose directly after stunning to values above 300 actions per minute.

      1. M Gale

        Not going to COMPLETELY discount the research...

        ...however a report like that coming from "Imarat Consultants" is a little like a report with a massive Facebook logo in the corner saying how Facebook respects privacy.

        And I've still seen the videos. It takes longer than 10 seconds.

      2. Lars Silver badge


        That Summary Report reminds me of the Microsoft "Get the facts" "report".

        I am sure you have some report too on how kosher is more tasty, healthy and religious.

        Kosher is big business and a sort of monopoly too. Will not disappear soon.

        It is funny how easy old and no choice stuff with absolutely no religious value is bolted onto religion.

        I suppose stoning was not OK as it requires too much labor.

        If you ask a kosher believer how he would "choose" himself to die he will call

        you anti this and that, and a damned nazi.

        It is also funny how some of this religious ballast is accepted or not accepted.

        Luckily circumcision of girls is backed bye a very week lobby or we would have to read about

        all the advantages of that too, and feel bad if we do not agree.

      3. peyton?

        re: PatrickE


        But fyi, there are people required to eat kosher/halal food that have looked into modernized methods, such as stunning followed by throat cutting - as opposed to desperately trying to justify the status quo. However, their various religious leaders generally weigh in to say "nope, not 'proper' enough"

  14. ph0b0s

    Good on him, from a non meat eater

    As a person who no longer eats meat, I wish more people would behave like him. Yeah, bet you did not expect that.

    I believe everyone should have to kill a least a bit of what meat they eat. That's why I stopped eating meat, as I thought it was hypercritical, since I would not be able to kill any of the meat I was eating. I think people would have to kill an animal every so often (once a year maybe) to earn the right to eat those animals.

    Those nice packets of meat in the supermarket came from somewhere and if you cannot stomach being confronted with where it came from, might I direct you to the meat substitute section in the supermarket.

    1. frank ly


      I'll see your 'kill' and raise you 'find, chase and catch'. That would be interesting. (It would also mean I'd be limited to trout, mackerel, etc)

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: Futhermore

        You can only 'find, chase and catch' thiings like trout and mackerel?

        Let me guess; you're a really good swimmer, but can't run for toffee. Yes?

      2. nyelvmark

        I'd be limited to trout, mackerel, etc

        Why? Cows are easy enough to find.

    2. The Fuzzy Wotnot


      One of the reasons I gave it up. I knew it came from a "factory" and when I started looking into how it ends up nicely packaged on the supermarket shelves, to excuse the pun, I couldn't stomach it anymore. The other reason was to control my weight. I am 6ft tall and I had reached 24 stone in weight and I was desperate to shift it. As soon as I got off my, literally, fat arse and started exercising I wanted another way to shift the weight, so I stopped eating fatty meat. I found I was eating shitty, supermarket meat because of what it was soaked in, BBQ, breadcrumbs, etc,. I know good quality meat has a very nice taste and it very good for you, but the mass produced, factory farmed shit that sells in shops is just that, utter crap.

      After 5 years not eating eat or anything with meat byproducts in it ( gelatine, etc ) , can't say I miss it and am I down to a more healthy 17st and still falling. I love the smell of cooked bacon though, and sausages and steaks on a BBQ almost tempt me back, almost but not quite. Despite being a brick outsized bloke, riduculous as it sounds, I still can't stand to eat anything with a fluffy face I'm afraid.

      My Missus and I are veggies but our kids aren't we let them eat what they like, they have to make their own choices when they're ready to make them. Unlike most people, veggie or carnie, I am not forcing my choices on anyone, not even my own kids, I made a choice myself, for myself but I respect everyone for the choices they make, one way or the other.

      (See, not all veggies are palid, drawn waifs forcing their choice on everyone! )

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      While I understand the reasoning and think it's reasonable, I personally don't care.

      However, from an animal welfare perspective, surely someone properly trained would be able to do this quicker and with less suffering? Let's face it, the same 'guilt'-reduction exercise could be achieved with Zuck standing next to said expert...?

    4. Ian Stephenson Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Been there,

      Seen it, done it, got the T shirt.

      ...and can't get the stains out.

      The meat does taste better though.

      If you are going to kill an animal at least have the decency to use it all.

      Bambi in crosshairs icon please!

    5. Rob Moir

      I have to agree

      Do people have to be involved in killing animals to eat them? Not so sure. But I agree that people should certainly have an appreciation of how that nice steak (let alone that not so nice burger) starts the journey from pasture to plate.

      I don't plan on giving up meat eating soon, I like it too much, but as someone who used to live next to a farm I think that actually having real proper contact with the animals we use in society is a good idea.

      1. ph0b0s

        I still think...

        that you should not be a be able to eat meat if you do not have the stomach to deal with where it comes from.

        So should you have to kill everything you eat a la Zukkerburg, no that would be unworkable today. But I do think that people who want to eat meat should at least have to kill an animal every so often. Bit like taking a driving test. Every couple of years go to an abattoir (so the thing you kill would not have to suffer more than normal, by your lack of experience) and do your 'meat certification'.

        I also think PETA and other animal rights groups should be behind this idea, as I think that there are a lot of people out there eating meat who would not have the stomach to kill anything, so the ranks of veggies would increase as a by product, though we would have a new phenomenon of the 'grudging veggies'.

        It all comes down to can you look the nice fluffy lamb in that face and takes it's life, if you can I have no problems with you, enjoy your lamb and mint source. If you can't, like me, I have a big problem with as a person who cannot look the animal in the face, but are quite happy to eat it's flesh afterwards, that's cowardly in the extreme.

        1. JEDIDIAH

          Quack! What's for dinner....

          > It all comes down to can you look the nice fluffy lamb in that face and takes it's life,

          Not sure about Mary's lamb but I have no problem with poultry or rabbits. I see ducks and rabbit and I think "dinner" not "pet". If the meat yield on the yard rabbits weren't so small, I might be inclined to have one of them for dinner.

        2. ArmanX

          A quibble

          Yes, having the experience is good, but *only* eating things you've killed yourself is not the best path. I believe that finding, catching, killing, and dressing an animal is an experience that everyone should have - as is raising a garden from seeds, harvesting a crop, and canning/freezing/storing that crop.

          However, experiences don't equate to permission. If you don't want to eat cows because they're too cute, by all means, don't eat beef. But don't expect anyone else to participate - unless you're also willing to forgo the Internet because you can't build an IPv4 packet from scratch, movies because you haven't directed them yourself, and living indoors because you've never built a house.

          I don't think people should only eat meat they killed themselves, or veggies they grew from seeds. If I ate no vegetables or fruit but those that I grew myself, I'd be eating a lot of tomatoes and squash, but no cauliflower or carrots. I may have a garden, but I still eat vegetables out of season, just like I'll still have a nice steak at a restaurant without worrying how the bovine was killed.

          1. ph0b0s

            @ArmanX, A quibble about something thatr was never said....

            Never said people should have to kill 'everything' they eat, but most people have not killed 'anything' they have eaten, that's what I think is very wrong. Zuckerberg's approach is an extreme one, that I would not recommend, but his hearts in the right place.

            And it is a completely false equivalency to liken it to not being able to use the internet until you have built a packet or any of the other hyperbolic things you tried to equated it too. There is no one who would not be able to stomach creating a packet or directing a movie in given the opportunity, time and tools to do so, unlike silting the throat of a cute doe eyed critter.

            1. ArmanX

              Perhaps I misunderstood...

              Zuckerberg is only eating animals he's killed personally, yes? And this is, in part, response to his neighbor, who is a mindful-eating proponent. Which, in turn, boils down to "You should know what had to happen for you to eat that."

              Personally, I think people should know what has to happen for a thing like the Internet to work, what has to happen for grown food to end up on your plate, etc. However, Zuckerberg is taking a good idea - know what's happened with/to your food - and turning it into a stunt. Maybe he has his reasons, but my quibble is that "not eating meat I haven't killed myself" is, frankly, creepy. Kill a deer/cow/goat/chicken/whatever once for the experience, sure, I'm good with that. Only eating meat you've killed by hand? Creepy. Going that far out there may lead to my alleged hyperbole.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    There is a place in this world for all of God's creatures. Right next to the mashed potatoes.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I love all "Gods" creatures.

      Especially sliced, fried and served with onions.

    2. Marvin the Martian

      Why only creatures?

      Why restrict it to meet? Why not let him forage & cut all his veg too?

      It's like those bleeding vegetarians, "oh cuty-wooty baby animal eyes, can't eat them" and then mindlessly kill all manner of magnificent plants. Damn green creeping bastards overgrowing my lawn all the time.

      Maybe it's because I hate plants so much that it's the only thing I eat.

      1. JEDIDIAH


        > Why restrict it to meet? Why not let him forage & cut all his veg too?

        Actually, from a general awareness perspective it is a very good idea to make and plant your own things even if you don't intend to do it all the time. You get to understand what stuff is supposed to look like and taste like. You become aware of what food is actually supposed to be like versus the cost-cut overly-industrialized long-shelf-life versions of stuff.

        Sara Lee? Puleeeze. I make much better myself.

        Farmville: Not just for web browsers anymore.

        1. ArmanX
          Thumb Up


          Exactly. If you frequently eat "hot house tomatoes," you have no idea what a tomato actually tastes like - for one, they have flavor. I can't stand hothouse tomatoes, they taste like paper. Same goes for zucchini. And cucumbers. And green beans. And peppers.

          Great, now I'm hungry, and I've still got another couple weeks before my garden starts producing...

    3. M Gale

      My ol' ma's fiance has a T shirt that says that.

      "...right next to the potatoes and gravy."

      He also has a T Shirt that says "9 out of 10 of the voices in my head say 'don't shoot'."

      And he has a firearms license. Black powder. Makes his own ammo.


  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "If God hadn't intended us to eat animals"

    "If God hadn't intended us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat."

    Surely, if God is to have a view on whether or not to eat meat he'd have to exist.

    If he did exist, I'd like to kill him and eat him.

    1. Vladimir Plouzhnikov

      Faulty logic

      "Surely, if God is to have a view on whether or not to eat meat he'd have to exist.

      If he did exist, I'd like to kill him and eat him."

      How exactly did you make the leap between "exist" and "edible"?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'd like to kill him and eat him.

      I think the word you're looking for is "eucharist".

  17. Muckminded


    So, what's next? Knife fights? Hydraulic mining? Fast food?

    He won't have my vote until he can dwarf toss a man to fifty paces.

  18. skeptical i

    Oh, so it's not a sacrifice?

    I saw the "knifed a goat" subhed and envisioned Zuck atop a volcano offering goats and whatever else in sacrifice as payment for his filthy lucre. Actual story speaks better of him, although I do wonder what challenge he'll take on next year.

    <== roasty toasty goat-kabobs (probably tasty, if one eats meat)

    1. Ken 16 Silver badge

      Midnight, pentagram, chanting

      all just coincidental, the chickens and the goats get knifed, end of story.

      mine's the one with the runes

  19. Feralmonkey


    He just needs to go talk to Ted Nugent and Uncle Ted will teach him how to kill it then grill it.

    1. hplasm Silver badge


      shoot him.

  20. Anonymous Coward


    "Personally, I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!"

    To be fair, you didn't do it personally, you just plopped into existence at the top thanks to your ancestors. "On the shoulders of giants" so to speak. Bet Newton never thought that'd be used as a reason for digging into a steak.

    (beer icon, because I now know what I'm having for lunch)

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  21. Rattus Rattus


    are what food eats.

  22. Lance 3

    The Nuge

    Maybe he should friend this guy and get some true pointers.

  23. Smallbrainfield

    If he wants a challenge next year

    He can give me 2 million quid then spend the rest of the year trying to cagde it back. He will, I fear be unsuccessful. But I'm sure important life lessons will be learned by all concerned.

  24. jake Silver badge

    I was going to shred the idiot ...

    But I'm just too tired.

    MarkZ ... Care to help me neuter several dozen sheep tomorrow? Or maybe help me take the hind legs from road-kill deer and hang them in my smokehouse after getting a call from the local Sheriff?

    I didn't think so. Twat.

    Side note: I made the same offer to Jesse Cool many years ago ... She declined. As expected. Eyeball her homepage ... She's a purely local "expert", and pretty much not worth paying attention to.

    1. Rosco

      uh ... wah?

      I have no idea what your point is. Please could you explain it, it sounds like it might be interesting.

      1. jake Silver badge


        My point is that killing animals is easy[1]. Dealing with the reality of taking apart critters, alive or dead, for the table[2], is a jump that most yuppies can't make.

        [1] Not "fun", mind ... I respect all our chow as we breed, grow, harvest and eat it.

        [2] Mustard-fed sheep nut chili, home-grown cornbread (with our own butter & honey) and homebrewed beer for chow tonight! Yummy!

  25. JPatrick

    I eat ...


    That is all.

  26. MrMcginty

    Too much free time

    You only have to delve lightly into the customisation of Facebook profiles to watch the supposedly dumbed-down 'user experience' suddenly descend into the depths of PHP programming. Dare I suggest his work here is not yet done.

  27. Mostor Astrakan

    But people have always eaten people

    What else is there to eat? If the ju-ju had meant us not to eat people, he would't have made us of meat! (Flanders & Swann, 'The reluctant cannibal').

    For more details than anyone not in the food industry needs about slaughter and the treatment of food animals, Temple Grandin is the go-to woman:

  28. Anonymous Coward

    Test Question from Topanga Cabal The Twelve Famous Buddha Minds School:

    If they are our brothers, how come we can't eat them?

  29. Richard Jukes


    Fairplay to Fuckerberg, its about time people learnt some respect for their food. I have shot for years and I can tell you right now that there is ALWAYS something a little disturbing/upsetting about finishing off a pricked bird by hand. Firstly it is something that is giving up its life so that we can eat and have sport, and secondly because it bloody well should have been shot correctly and dead before it hit the floor. Everyone and everything deserves a quick, humane and respectful death.

    Not sure I agree with cutting a goats throat tho..

  30. Martijn Otto

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    Even though I am myself a vegetarian I can respect his choice. I think it is a good idea that people become more aware of what they eat. Right now, most people do not have a clue what happened with the food they get on their plate. When they would, I like to believe many would choose to no longer take meat.

    1. Lars Silver badge

      @Martijn Otto

      "people do not have a clue what happened with the food they get on their plate".

      Well I do, but it does not look like meat any more. Go on, nothing to look at there.

  31. schnide

    Surely.. be able to have the time to do this, you'd have to be super, super rich though?


  32. Jon Massey

    @PatrickE Nice work

    Nice work, posting a thoroughly un-scientific paper by an Islamic consultancy firm who were contracted to produce a paper on why ritual slaughter isn't cruel.

    Problem is... it's bollocks. The main issue with slaughter by throat slitting in sheep and cattle (can't comment for any other species as I've not studied this in detail for any other species), is that (unlike humans), there is significant blood supply to the brain by the vertebral arteries. As a result, the time it takes for a sufficient drop in blood pressure to cause unconsciousness can be significant. Also, their supposition that a heavily disrupted EEG is consistent with severe pain is not supported by either human or animal studies into pain.

    The best reference for this is A.S.King "Physiological and Clinical Anatomy of the Domestic Mammals: Central Nervous System, Volume 1"

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We need to breed that animal... ASAP

    ‘Are you going to tell me,’ said Arthur, ‘that I shouldn’t have

    green salad?’

    ‘Well,’ said the animal, ‘I know many vegetables that are

    very clear on that point. Which is why it was eventually

    decided to cut through the whole tangled problem and breed

    an animal that actually wanted to be eaten and was capable of

    saying so clearly and distinctly. And here I am.’


    The animal staggered to its feet. It gave a mellow gurgle.

    ‘A very wise choice, sir, if I may say so. Very good,’ it

    said, ‘I’ll just nip off and shoot myself.’

    He turned and gave a friendly wink to Arthur.

    ‘Don’t worry, sir,’ he said, ‘I’ll be very humane.’

  34. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Why stop there?

    Why not just take medicines that you've concocted yourself or only ply in aircraft that you've built yourself, or insist on representing yourself in court? Perhaps because it's stupid? Perhaps because someone else might do a better job?

    Zuck's attempt to take the moral high ground by "doing it himself" presumes firstly that there is something morally dodgy about the omnivorous diet our species was born to and secondly that there is something wrong with people co-operating. I think the first is adequately dismissed with "if God intended..." jokes. The second, however, is just plain odd. Especially from a man who runs a social networking website.

    1. PatrickE

      Thank you - I think it was nice work.


      despite your, prejudices perhaps, the work was done in a scholarly manner. If you'd actually bothered to read the first 10 lines or so you would see it was a german study. The translation from German was by a Muslim by the looks of the name.

      Summary report

      Experiments for the objectification of pain and consciousness during conventional (captive bolt stunning) and religiously mandated (“ritual cutting”) slaughter procedures for sheep and calves.


      Deutsche Tieraerztliche Wochenschrift (German veterinary weekly) volume 85 (1978), pages 62-66

      translated by Dr Sahib M. Bleher, Dip Trans MIL

      By W. Schulze, H. Schultze-Petzold, A.S. Hazem, and R. Gross

      Your comment "their supposition that a heavily disrupted EEG is consistent with severe pain is not supported by either human or animal studies into pain." may be correct. On the other hand Schulze et al reported the animals slaughtered by cutting only had non-disrupted EEGs. Are you suggesting a non-disrupted EEG _is_ consistent with pain?

      Captive bolts shoot a bolt through the skull into the brain and do not always cause immediate unconciousness. Similarly for a mushroom gun which concusses the animal. If final slaughter by cutting is not done immediately then the process is repeated. Electrocution causes heart failure and brain pattern disruption. Again slaughter should be immediately after to avoid further pain. Compare this with - no pain and conscious then fast cut, blood loss with loss of consciousness quickly.

      I think it is reasonable to continue studies in this area to ensure the animals are treated well.

  35. sabroni Silver badge

    if god didnt yadda yadda make them out of meat...

    All of the comments on here come from people made of meat. Unless you're advocating cannibalism (you aren't are you?) that "made of meat" quote is bollocks.

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stage of evolution decides what you eat

    Awareness about what food one eats is shows thoughtfulness and only human beings have the these qualities that differentiate them from other animals . Animals can't reflect, investigate or be compassionate. Killing animal for food is a sign of primitive man and vegetarianism is an advance stage of evolution and civilization.

  37. HP Cynic

    Neck it

    I'm simultaneously impressed and disgusted by Mark's achievement: I could never bring myself to wear a tie.

    1. dogged

      Wrong icon

      You forgot to click the little troll.


      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        RE: Wrong icon

        Thanks for finding that for me. I thought it was dead and gone.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. sabroni Silver badge

        reflecting on your words?

        did you really reflect on them? that doesn't sound like a particularly thoughtful response. The original post could certainly be argued with, but "ha ha, i will eat you" is not really pushing the discussion forward.

        TBH you sound like you're protesting a bit too much. Reflect a bit more, do you really think the unnecessary taking of animal life makes you better than someone who survives without it?

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

      2. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Stage of evolution decides what you eat

        Its plain ignorance to assume that veggie diet is not healthy or just "grains or beans and few potatoes". Look at the civilizations who have mastered their primitive instincts and invented millions of tasty, healthy and complete dishes. I would highly recommend a visit to India for carnivores to get a primer on vegetarianism and also to rid oneself of ignorance and primal instincts in one stroke. You may find a million variety of dishes all vegetarian, tasty, healthful, replete with essential nutrients and tasty spices with curative and preventive properties. No need of multi-specialty hospitals if only one is really aware about what one eats!

      3. Pigeon

        Ian S, I hope you stay at 0 - 0

        I have had no issue with your previous posts. Just go and kill something/someone. We are all edible animals. Even pigeons eat meat, they just don't have the ability to catch and kill prey.

        1. Ian Stephenson Silver badge
          Thumb Up

          Thanks, I did.

          I spent the bank holiday weekend throwing spears at straw targets, acting as a target for light cavalry (blunted javelins, arrows and throwing darts) and eating very well indeed.

          I'm much more relaxed this week, I put it down to the lack of proten in my diet in the run up to the weekend.

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe for 2012

    He should set himself the goal of shutting the fuck up... Or maybe sky diving, without a parachute.

  39. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Getting boiled alive is one of the least humane ways to die possible. Research has shown that they do feel pain and shy away from painful stimulus.

    A quick knife to the head and then in the pot is the approved way.

    I must admit to not eating Lobster in a restaurant unless I know that this is the method of slaughter.

    While I do feel some guilt over the animals that die to end up on my plate, I do agree with Attenborough that we need meat content. Veggies usually need to take supplements.

    What happened to the research that was growing big vats of meat tissue?

    Guilt free meat.

    Would mean a countryside devoid of sheep, chickens and non-milk producing cattle though.

    1. Dinky Carter


      Vegetarians do not need to take supplements at all.

      Vegans, however, are a different matter.

      1. sabroni Silver badge

        vegans are a different matter?

        no, they aren't. It takes a lot of effort (and some sunshine) to get a balanced diet, but it can be done without supplements.

  40. Anonymous Coward

    Perhaps he should do a Bear Grylls

    and drink something he made himself?

  41. Mike Richards

    PETA versus Zuckerberg

    This has to happen.

  42. Lamont Cranston
    Thumb Down


    aren't rich people amazing?

  43. DF118

    When I make it big...

    ...I'm gonna open up a shop next door to one of those hippie nuts 'n' pulses emporia and it's going to be called "Meaty Meaty Yum Yum".

  44. mark 63 Silver badge

    " The year before it was to wear a tie every day."

    " The year before it was to wear a tie every day."

    ...just lost remaining respect and interest

  45. Anonymous Coward

    Have to kill to eat meat?

    Sorry but I don't buy the argument. Just because someone can't stomach a job means they shouldn't be able to benefit from the proceeds? Sorry sir, but you can't use the toilet, you haven't taken your re-certification in digging shit out of underground sewers this year.

    And "only eating meat you've killed" is just hugely pretentious. Visit an abattoir, understand the process, then make a conscious decision. Anyone who would do this is a complete douche.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. M Gale

      Small difference.

      Digging out a sewer doesn't involve slicing throats.

      And yes, actually, I have assisted in slurping out the contents of Gran's cesspit, before she got a sewage digester. Now that's a stench you don't forget in a hurry.

  46. ratfox Silver badge

    I believe you should only use a computer you have built yourself

    So as to appreciate all the hard work that went into it.

    1. M Gale

      Oh Hi, ratfox.

      You must be new here.

      Goggles for blowing dust out and anti-static mat at the ready!

    2. Pigeon

      You just wanted to use the new icon.

      No offence intended!

  47. Nunyabiznes Silver badge

    Yeah, yeah, yeah title schmitle.

    Vegetarian is an old Native American word for "poor hunter".

  48. Stevie Silver badge


    I fully support Zuckerberg in his desire to fully appreciate The World As It Is without the welding goggles of civilization getting in the way.

    I look forward to his accounts of smelting his own car next year, and only using hand-fabbed chips in his Arsebook thingy the year after that.

  49. Tim


    Good on him for this, but is anyone else worried that he's turning into Vladimir Putin?

  50. GoldenRule

    Jean clelland-Morin

    I bought a little house on a river in France. As planned, I went fishin'. I didn't even like what I did to the worms. And I said out loud, people should have to kill what they eat and be conscious of the process that puts that meat on the table. / My husband and dog are not vegetarians. I should be. / When I walk the animal-shelter dogs through the woods in the afternoons, I hear the hunters guns. This is a sport. With the effort and cost of hunting, it is not about feeding oneself. It is about the pleasure of killing animals. There is a disconnect. The planet would greatly benefit if we cut down on meat-eating. // Jean Clelland-Morin

  51. Maty

    Of course!

    I should only eat what I personally kill. Ummm... looking around at a suburban environment, there seems to be a shortage of deer, cattle or even goats.

    Menu options are:

    A rather ill-looking pigeon

    The neighbour's cat

    The incredibly annoying kids from down the street.

    I believe the latter go well with onions and a good Chianti?

  52. Joe User

    I'm a true believer in PETA

    People Eating Tasty Animals

  53. Assumed Name

    I will only use software that I wrote from now on

    No more Facebook, I guess.

    Personal growth goal.

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  54. Anonymous Coward

    Why Kill When Cooking Automatically Kills Anyway?

    Boiling an animal because you want to appreciate it?

    Besides the main concern about most of the fluffier animals that you eat will be their lives. They get a relatively quick death but some of them have truly crappy lives.

    I have to admit though the most I do about it is buy free-range eggs.

    Penguin drowned in Wine with Mint sauce for dinner would be nice. Tux in!

    1. jake Silver badge

      @AC 22:46

      "Penguin drowned in Wine with Mint sauce for dinner would be nice."

      Uh ... no, it wouldn't. Penguin tastes like a cross between seagull/rat and old, oily fish. And it's really, really stringy. Quite narsty, actually.

      The scene: Accident with a cage door at the San Diego Zoo in 1983ish ... The bird tried to poke his head back at us just as the door was closing. The otherwise healthy bird died instantly and we decided "waste not, want not", and fired up the hibachi ... My ex- was pre-vet at the time ...

      1. alwarming

        Re: The otherwise healthy bird died instantly

        Maybe it wasn't healthy (before doorjam) after all ?

  55. Lars Silver badge

    Meat eaters and vegans

    I have never met any "meat eater" who only eats meat nor have I ever met a vegan who eats only "grass" unless of course eggs, milk and butter is considered grass.

    If we were "designed" to eat only grass we would have the same type of stomach as a cow. We do not.

    As for Fuckenberg I suppose I am, bye now, the only one in the world who has not signed into that fartbook and the richer he gets the more we will read about his wonderful brains.

    That is just the way it goes and there is nothing odd or wrong about it.

  56. Tom 7 Silver badge

    a quick death?

    Not so according to the Australians - and we know how they treat people..

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