back to article Mickos: Amazon and Eucalyptus still rule the cloud

Nobody said running a cloud startup was going to be easy. But surely, it was never supposed to be this hard. Last year, former MySQL man Marten Mickos was named chief executive officier of Eucalyptus Systems, a new company busy building and supporting Amazon-compatible clouds behind the firewall. But just as he arrived, things …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mickos is Dreaming!

    Forrester just published a comparative report on Private Cloud vendors and Eucalyptus came second last - just one place above Enomaly who were bottom. Eucalyptus is dying - Mickos is fighting a losing battle - Enomaly are about to follow!

  2. El Limerino


    Quick -- name a cloud based on Eucalyptus. Right. 4 pages on a total "meh" in the cloud stack fight?

  3. martenmickos

    leading cloud platform

    Anonymous Coward and El Limerino,

    Thank you for your passionate comments. Reports and comments aside, our business is growing fast. Users tell us they love Eucalyptus because it just plain works.

    Of course I can be wrong. Perhaps 25,000 Eucalyptus clouds isn't enough to prove anything. Perhaps the other guys are way smarter and better.

    Whatever the reality on the various cloud platforms, the fact that they generate so much press and so much commentary is a good thing. I would take it to mean that the shift to cloud computing is real. It will fundamentally change the way software is deployed.

    We will keep developing Eucalyptus and serving our users as best we can, and I am convinced the other cloud platform producers will do the same. May all worthy players get a share of the pie, and may the worthies get the biggest!

    Marten Mickos

    CEO, Eucalyptus Systems

This topic is closed for new posts.

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