back to article Microsoft replaces Xbox 360s after disc-format switch

Microsoft has confirmed rumours that Xbox 360 users who find their console to be incompatible with a new Xbox disc format will be offered a replacement machine. With current anti-piracy methods unsuccessful, the company has decided to go back to the drawing board and devise in a new disc format. Currently, 1.15GB of every DVD …


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  1. OldBiddie

    Hoping ...

    ... for once that the update breaks my aging launch console.

  2. fishman

    Not a fan

    I'm not a fan of Microsoft, but in this case they are doing the right thing.

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    1. LinkOfHyrule
      Paris Hilton

      The right thing?

      What, polluting the planet with yet more unusable xboxes - hows that the right thing! Stupid Microsoft should of made a console that actually works in the first place. They treat physical products the same as their shoddy software - when users start complaining about how shit it is they just send out a bloated update. Only instead of a Windows update shoved down a few interwebz tubes, this time is its a big box of badly bodged together cheap Chinese made electronics shoved through your letter box!*

      *Yes I know that's gotta be one big-ass letter box, hence the Paris icon!

      1. Alex Rose

        Oh the irony!

        "Stupid Microsoft should of"

        It's should HAVE, you moron.

        Maybe stupid LinkOfHyrule should have learnt to write properly before accusing others of stupidity.

        You state that they should have made a console that works in the first place. That's really strange as I was under the impression that during the last few years I've spent wasting some of my spare time playing very enjoyable games on my Xbox 360 it was in fact "working".

        Now why don't you get back under your bridge you vile little troll and let me get back to deciding whether I should buy LA Noire for the XBox 360 or the PS3 - a far more important task than correcting the grammer of odious little twerps like yourself.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Oh the irony indeed!

          "a far more important task than correcting the grammer of odious little twerps like yourself".

          Should that have been "grammar"?

      2. Rob Moir

        You seem a little upset

        Perhaps there's something up with your PS3?

  4. Lith


    Will this also count for my girlfriend's second hand console?

    (Cos she's not using mine)

  5. Richard Jukes


    Does that mean I can have a new console? Mine is one of the very first xbox's with no HDMI out, and its looking a tad old and battered now...

    1. Robert E A Harvey

      I'm expecting

      the UKanian response to be different.

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    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      i guess so....

      MS have changed the spec of the device, its there action that has stopped you from using it so id assume they would replace it too. I do suspect that the number of units that failed were probably quite small, cutting down on piracy is one thing, but spending 100x more on replacement units seems stupid economic sense, i suppose those units could be sold of as referbs once they fixed them, especially if a new device is around the corner (?) my guess is its a tiny fraction of devices, probably with a particular batch number of the drives.

      Well done MS, shame i dont have a console any more!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    In a trillion years

    People will look back at M$ and ROFLCOPTER

  7. Annihilator


    Nice one MS - piss off the consumers, briefly halt the pirates who will no doubt carry on regardless in due course..

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    If the process works as well as repairs, what fab customer service!

    Notice there will be a problem and inform people *in advance* what you are going to do to fix it. If only all companies were this well organised. Even better if you can identify problem HW revisions ahead of time.

    signed, a RROD-repaired 360 owner whose console was repaired quickly with no fuss.

  9. James 12

    Free Xbox

    Anybody know which drive this is? As I have a stack of drives, xboxes and a suitable card for flashing

  10. Greg J Preece

    Sony break the network

    Microsoft break your console. ;-)

  11. Neil 7
    Gates Horns

    Hopefully the number of incompatible machines runs into the tens of millions

    and replacing them all comfortably eliminates any overall profit the Xbox division has made since the last RROD machine replacement fiasco.

    Then again, presumably Microsoft have "done the math(s)" in which case it's no more than a few thousand machines, tops. I mean, Microsoft wouldn't want to be seen wantonly spunking shareholder money away twice in a month, would they?

  12. Steve X

    How many GB or DRM?!

    It's a far cry from the days when punching an extra hole in a floppy was sufficient...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They will prolly

    Replaces them all in the US - bet us Brits get the shaft though ;)

  14. Jolyon Smith

    Love it...

    Sony are the VICTIM of a malicious attack and they take the fall.

    MS wilfully and deliberately break their customers paid for HARDWARE, but get warm hugs and a clap on the back for then offering to replace the hardware THEY broke.

    I guess there's no accounting for fanboi'ism.

    Mines the one with the console in the pocket that has worked perfectly from day one, and continued to work perfectly even while the broken NETWORK was down.

    1. Spearchucker Jones
      Black Helicopters

      Like Sony much?

      I guess there's no accounting for fanboi'ism.

    2. Jonathan 10

      Erm slightly different...

      People aren't so much bothered by the hack itself, Sony is a victim. Maybe they should of taken better security of data, but at the end of the day no network is 100% secure if its attached to the Internet. What most people are annoyed with is the way Sony has handled the problem.

      MS in this case is being proactive and up front. Users are being warned and being conpensated for loss if it occurs. Its hard to get annoyed with MS when they say this might break your xbox but here have another one plus a years free xbox live....

      1. Matthew 3

        RE: Erm slightly different...

        I think you'll find the correct usage is "should have" rather than "should of". My advice is to quickly do something about it before Alex Rose spots it.

        Looking at the comments above it seems that this exact error can provoke an extreme reaction.

        1. Jonathan 10

          Damn it,,,

          Thats what I get for writing my post before my first cup of coffee.

  15. Lennart Sorensen

    I hope they include a transfer cable too.

    Hopefully that new console comes with a transfer cable to get all your saved games and other data transferred to that new console.

    I suspect it could be a specific version of DVD drive in a few boxes that is causing a problem. Certainly they used different DVD drives over the years and with different firmware versions over time as well on those drives, so most likely it has turned out one has a problem.

  16. OldBiddie

    Turns out

    This story was being reported incorrectly - the problems have been caused by the last dashboard patch, not the upcoming one for the XGD3 format discs.

  17. regadpellagru
    Thumb Down

    Well done !

    Not being myself a big fan of consoles (as their games are too expensive) except for the WII, that is, I find it largely appaling that MS, as their sole response to piracy is gonna:

    - come back to the solutions of the 80s (proprietary FS, allegedly readable by no OS except the xbox FW) with for sure the same success: no stop of piracy, and breakage of legit. game media

    - kill one of the only pro I reckon for game consoles: you don't have f***ing MS pushing patches to it on a daily basis, turning your computer into a chaotic mess

    Well done MS !

    /me notes to never envisage to purchase an MS console

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