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“Save the Ark, or escape it?” The choice initially offered to players upon loading up Brink, Splash Damage’s latest first-person shooter. What’s the Ark you ask? A last bastion of humanity, following worldwide flooding caused by the rising of the oceans – darned global warming! Brink Hit and miss After a period of peace …


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  1. Lottie


    So there's no single player game, but there IS a solo game where you play through a story against bots?


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Enemy Territory : Quake Wars

    Quake Wars was a previous Splash Damage FPS game that had similar classes and objectives. It was also online only (apart from playing with bots) and not a lot of story.

    It had a very nice touch in that the two sides were not identical - they had very different vehicles and weapons so playing each side was a completely different experience. (Not unlike StarCraft type games)

    Like Brink, Quake Wars is best played with friends, or a clan who will work together. Otherwise you end up with a load of kiddie snipers who don't help the team with the objectives.

    Pity they made Brink instead of Quake Wars 2. Or adding new maps to the old game.

    Ah well, perhaps Brink will make a reasonable replacement, but I miss the Strogg.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    you continue to test the Xbox versions because?

    The PS3 version has no such framerate problems, and is a considerably better game, yet like your Portal2 review, you review is based on the Xbox version, when it's the worst version.

    1. serviceWithASmile

      you might be right about framerate issues

      but i don't think that constitutes a fail on the *reviewers* side of things, considering it says on the page that the xbox version was reviewed. the reviewer makes no claims about problems or lack thereof on the playsation version.

      i'd be tempted to not call you a shill if you didn't post as anon.

      if you specifically want to read ps3 reviews why don't you find a site that does them - and takes handouts to sycophantically boost review scores - so that you don't need to get mad every time you see a sub-80 review for your favourite new game?

      grenade for crysis2. it was better on pc.

    2. johnnytruant


      it's entirely possible that, when this review was being written, playing online on a PS3 wasn't an option.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Must be making a fortune by now mister Sony troll

      A little birdy told me Brink was sent out to journalists on Xbox only, because the PS3 versions weren't working. Something about no PS network and no trust for Sony, who despite losing millions of customer's bank details, continue to employ forum trolls like yourself to say the things you do. Shut up for once and stop being anonymous when you post. Everytime there's someone. I bet it's always you, and if you revealed your true name, it would read: "Howard Stringer's sexdoll".

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    in the future

    In the future - there are only manly men by the looks of the screen shots. Guessing it's all a bit Greek.

  5. Andy Farley
    Thumb Down

    The last time I played online for any length of time.

    My wrists felt like broken crockery. Probably too much Q3 back in the day, so no single player = no sale from me.

  6. Bailey

    Portal 2

    Was reviewed on PC, not Xbox 360, although both versions were tested.

    We try to alternate the review platforms where possible. But, as johnnytruant so kindly points out, reviewing any online title for the PS3 has been somewhat of a challenge of late!

  7. c0rruptd

    Only half right on the two sides.

    Just thought I'd point out that while you have written the view from Resistance's side (that they are slaves to the rich Founders), you failed to point out the Security viewpoint (where if the Resistance escape, they will give away the Ark's location to a very, very hostile outside world). It's not a big thing, but I really do love how neither side is good or evil in this game. =)

  8. Citizen Kaned

    brink rocks

    play it on pc. console FPS guys are useless at teamwork most of the time. PC also has the least bugs and dedicated servers (not to mention much better gfx)

    personally i love brink, when you get a good team it works sooo well!

    its also great how everyone looks different so you recognise people easier.

    its also unfortunate you reviewed the xbox version as it has the most problems.

    @"So there's no single player game, but there IS a solo game where you play through a story against bots?". yes, you can play offline if you wish. much better online though, the challenges are very worthwhile as they unlock unique stuff.

    brink is the single best teamwork experience ive seen. when you grab the briefcase to deliver its great to see your team doing an american football style block for you taking out any enemies.

    also worth mentioning is the ease to fully level up your character. you only can assign 20 abilities but there are 50+. so it means you select the best tools for your job and play style. this means every character looks different, uses different weapons and has different abilities.

    im loving brink at the moment to be honest. it also plays MUCH better than team fortress 2 that i never really enjoyed.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    No single player?

    No sale.

    1. Citizen Kaned


      its not for single player - you can play offline with bots or do the campaign with a couple of mates. this is an online teamwork oriented game. and a bloody good one at that :) some of the maps look amazing (container city)

      online MP games shouldnt be marked down for lack of SP mode. UT didnt have a decent SP mode and it was the best FPS for many years

      1. Mark Boothroyd


        UT didn't have single player, as it was the Tournament version of Unreal, if you wanted the single player version, you played Unreal, not UT!

  10. Citizen Kaned


    seems PSN is down again!

    glad i bought brink for the pc! :)

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    Anyone Notice

    Brink is gone from Steam, it was on there but now all the links have been deleted?

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