back to article Google hooks Native Client into Visual Studio, Eclipse

Google is building an interactive Native Client debugger that will integrate with various popular IDEs. According to Google engineer David Springer, the company will begin with Visual Studio before moving on to Eclipse and others. "We're starting with Visual Studio because a lot of client programs are already built there," …


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  1. John Styles

    Does anyone remember Netscape ONE?

    No, not version 1 of Netscape but 'Netscape ONE' - Open Networking Environment or some such backtronym? This was Netscape's attempt to claim that their mishmash of random conflicting technologies based on companies they had bought plus their browser (and gee, writing a competing one of those was always going to be a gargantuan task, ha ha) was an architecture.

    Google's 'strategy' reminds me a lot of that and I suspect in the medium term will do them about as much good.

    If I thought Microsoft hadn't forgotten more than Google has ever learned or will ever learn about how to execute anything, and if my money wasn't all going into baked beans and bullets in anticipation of the collapse of civilisation I would be long on Microsoft and short on Google.

  2. <shakes head>

    so google want the corp market

    this is to try and get into the current IE6 market where everything in a corp environment needs to be IE6. if they can make all the code run in their browser they can get a huge lead in number of machines with Chrome.

  3. Head


    $100 bet on Google including a Google Ad creation wizard....

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "the world-flattening simplicity of web programming."

    LOL yeah just needs to learn HTML, cater to all browser quirks, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XML,JSON, cookies (and law associated with them), maintaining state over a stateless protocol, running HTTP servers, all while keeping an eye for XSS security bugs and SQL injections.

    Real simple I have to admit... If you're just trying to print hello world. Then again try to write valid HTML that does that and you'll find almost any other language will need less crap.

    Anyway Native client also sucks, do we need to add a browser layer on top of the OS for this? Build it in to the OS and it'll work much better.

  5. JDX Gold badge

    You can't make JS as fast as C++

    They still haven't got Java & .NET as fast as raw C++ after a decade or so. Very close but not quite. So presumably the same applies here. Since JS is more high-level than Java I'd in fact assume it can't be made quite as fast as Java but again the difference could be pretty small.

  6. Martin Brennan

    Portable Native Client - no need for Java and Flash?

    As I understand it Java and Flash are proprietary. If Portable Native Client is opened up - like Android for instance - does that help eliminate proprietary but - at the moment almost indispensable - web components like Java and Flash.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Help yes, but still very hard

      Someone will still need to reproduce all the functionality that comes Flash into into Native Client code. There's open source libraries that do some of that already but no integrated project that does it all that I know of. Also those libraries will need lots of changing to work with Google's Pepper API model.

      Finally there's also the question of what happens with GPLed code when it's run on the native client? Will websites have to provide a link to the sources? That'll get a bit crazy.

      I just don't see anyone doing it when Flash is already out there, free and works on all browsers.

  7. wraith404
    Paris Hilton

    Sour grapes

    Opera sucks like a hoover vacuum, so this is no more than sour grapes from a loser falling further behind.

  8. TeeCee Gold badge

    "To them, it just looks like black magic...."

    MEEOW!! That should serve nicely to get the debate level down to flaming insults being chucked about amidst a flurry of handbags.

    Popcorn please. Seconds out. Round 2.

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