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I suppose we could have had Qik as the Android App of the week too, since the main change that Skype has made to this video-chat app since acquiring it from the original developer earlier this year is to make it cross-platform. Qik    Qik Video chat for free - even over 3G The great divide has been crossed, allowing owners …


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  1. Purlieu


    is it compulsory for these programs* to have stupid mis-spelled named such as "Qik"

    * App refusenik here

  2. N13L5

    err, is there a PC version of Qik ?

    I mean, when I'm under way, and I'm limited to the phone, I'll use that, of course...

    But when I have access to a computer, I'll hardly sit there and twiddle with a flipping cellphone screen.

    And since its important to be able to use the same same software to connect with friends, Qik would be helped a lot by a desktop version...

    Of course, now they'll just get merged and rationalized into oblivion by some insane Microsoft Middle Manager with his own secret agenda for fame and self promotion.

    I cannot recall the last time Microsoft successfully integrated an aquired software team.

    And its really weird that Microsoft buys Skype right as a bunch of my friends are jumping ship to a more generic, interoperable voip software, partly cause Skype has become a buggy piece of bloatware on the desktop, and has been crippled (undoubtedly at Talco's behest) on Smartphones.

    Add retarded UI choices, like not making a keyboard hotkey assignable for the new video-still capture function, and it makes you want to change to ...something else, whatever that maybe.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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