back to article VMAX is becoming an app engine

VMAX could become a server resource with a set of X86 engines controlled by ESX and running EMC software assets inside virtual machine containers, connecting to direct-attached VMAX storage resources. This is a logical speculation of El Reg's based on Pat Gelsinger's Monday keynote presentation in which he said apps could run …


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  1. Storage_Person

    Pity the Performance

    It might seem like a nice idea to have everything as a virtualized stack but how many context switches is an I/O going to need as it passes through multiple virtual machines on the same CPU to get from "server" to "storage"? There's only so much CPU power you can use to compensate for this type of massively inefficient design, and in a world where SSD-level performance is expected it just isn't going to be able to keep up.

  2. Michael Duke


    @Storage_Person Who says they have to be the same CPU's. What if there were multiple engines on a fast interconnect (HyperTransport/QPI type links) with a crossbar architecture?

    Then you would be able to run the infrastructure modules directly on the platform with even some Tier-1 applications tuned to run there as well.

    The VMAX could become a Tier-1 application stack in a (2/3) rack(s), a step beyond a vBlock in reality.

    It has some real possibilities for applications like Greenplum or Tier-1 ERP type systems.

  3. Guus Leeuw
    Paris Hilton

    More pity the performance

    Dear Sir,

    So the idea that a VMAX would cost roughly $1,000,000 and an ATMOS only cost $10,000 is left behind: You buy ATMOS, you get a VMAX with Atmos software and it still costs $10,000???

    I thought so.

    Oh and by the way, stop calling it an App... App is a tainted saintly term from a fruitseller that has nothing to do with technology giants such as EMC.

    Paris - because she is normally as confused as I am now...


    Guus Leeuw

    PS: We need a thinker icon that is not Paris...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    As Wayne would say

    That sounds preferable to VBlock - Not

  5. Tom Reg

    Good read

    Hilarious over morning coffee if you don't have a clue what a vmax is.

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