back to article HP flexes fabrics to flatten campus networks

HP is taking its networking fight with Cisco Systems out of the data center and into corporate campuses and branch offices. Cisco has made a fortune – maybe several fortunes – selling multiple-tiered Layer 2/3 networks that span data centers, campuses, and branch offices, and the company's rivals are trying to flatten and …


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  1. Anton Ivanov
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    Picture makes it obvious

    I used to use HP for a large-ish office network in one of my "previous lives".

    It did the job and did it fairly well. However it had a major problem- it "breathes" on the sides. The pictures look like HP has failed to rectify this problem till this day - there are a grilles on the sides and there are fans behind the grilles.

    Airflow sidewise? In a rack? No thanks. I have actually seen fires started from that (not HP, Ascend 10+ years ago).

    To add insult to injury the side fans do not look like hot swappable either (at least from the "service" front). By the way I know that HP provides free "lifetime" replacement for these (or at least used to). However if I run an operation I'd rather pay for them as spares than have downtime to disassemble a switch and replace them.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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