back to article Dell fashions (more of) its own network switches

With Cisco Systems having alienated its server partners by coming onto their own turf, the server makers have very little choice but to retaliate and build up their own networking businesses. And consider that it is they, and not Cisco, that control the data center accounts, it is with a certain amount of glee that Hewlett- …


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  1. The Original Steve

    Not happening

    Used their "high-end" 62xx series switches before as a freebie during an infrastructure refresh. Apart from their support being useless the OS was some crappy OEM muck with piss poor documentation.

    These maybe decent enterprise switches, but I'm not putting my money towards Dell again for networking. I'll stick to ProCurve for ethernet and wireless and Brocade for FC thanks.

    1. Kurt 4

      complete junk

      I've used the dell 2848, and 5424's and I would agree. The OS is trash and the manual is worthless.

  2. NohSpinZone

    Good write-up

    As a matter of fact, here is Robin Johnson, CIO of Dell commenting about how his company is standardizing on Brocade networks:

    John Noh


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