back to article Jaguar hybrid supercar gets green light

Hybrid Jaguar supercar, anyone? Yours for £700,000-plus, though you'll save your VED payments, if you want to put your name down for one of the 250 that Jaguar will build. We're talking about the C-X75, a beast capable of 200mph and beyond, yet pumps out less than 99g of CO2 each kilometre it drives. Jaguar C-X75 Jaguar …


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  2. jai

    want one!

    seems i better buy a lottery ticket this weekend then!!

  3. Paul Read

    details (devil in the)

    Pay attention please. The emission figures for the production version will be higher than the twin-turbine concept because most of the 250 cars to be built will have a turbocharged 4-cylinder 1.6L petrol engine.

    1. Arnold Lieberman

      Another XJ220

      Order a V12, get a V6 nicked from a Metro.

      1. Brian 6

        @Arnold Lieberman

        The 220 met its performance figures and looked awesome. This car look pretty good to.

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      1. melt

        I agree

        Kinda ugly guppymouth thing going on at the front.

        Really ugly unfinished backside. The interior's a mess of materials and finishes.

        Give me a jag MkII and a Gallardo instead.

  4. Simon Cresswell
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    In every way.

    Seen this in the metal twice now, achingly gorgeous

    1. Anton Ivanov

      Agree - in all way but one

      Someone finally did some proper tunnel work. Applause. It looks slippery without completely killing visibility.

      However, there is one way which it is not stunning. Cars in this class have upwards, diagonal or swivel opening doors for a reason. You will not be able to get out of this baby unless it is parked in a middle car space with two open bays on either side. Imagine doubling the door length on an average coupe and trying to open it.

      Granted, whoever will buy it probably has a driveway capable of accepting a 777. However, sometimes you end up driving to other places than the red carpet at the Oscars you know... So not being able to get out of it will be rather silly.

      1. Tom 35 Silver badge


        No the people who will buy it will just park diagonally across two handicap spots.

  5. Richard Jukes


    I neeed...

  6. Steve Evans


    Who cares about the emissions and what's under the bonnet, just look at it!


  7. farizzle

    you sexy thang...

    You remind me of an XJ220 I used to drool over...

  8. Alister Silver badge

    Is this the one...

    ...that the Williams Formula 1 team did some design work on?

    1. Monkey

      Yes, and... work, and will do on the final production model. God forbid Williams would actually put their F1 house in order and get their priorities straight. They have a track record of losing performance on track when they dilute their focus onto road car projects or engineering race cars for other companies in different classes. Given that the team are fighting to drag themselves off of pretty much the back of the grid, the recent flotation on the stock market, and even more recent loss of over half of the share value, this will probably bring in cash but have a detrimental impact on the F1 team.

  9. bazza Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    In this hallowed place... one allowed to say hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?

    I think I'd like one quite a lot.

    Paris, coz it's the closest corresponding icon. Or am I too old now?

    BTW, Do we need a Pippa Middleton icon?

    1. farizzle
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      count this reply as an UPVOTE

      on the Pippa suggestion!

      1. irish donkey
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        Count this reply as an UPVOTE

        on the Pippa suggestion!

  10. Geoff Johnson
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    Should have gone with the jet engines. If they're sticking a standard petrol engine in it, I won't be buying one.

  11. irneb
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    Appart from its "beauty" / "ugliness" (each to their own) or the parking requirement, I find it very strange that a sports car uses (or at least appears to) the simple "hybrid" system which I'd advocate for those "eco-friendly" farce-cars we all know as "hybrids":

    A petrol engine which is only used to charge the batteries when running low! One electric motor per wheel! That means they've saved huge amounts of weight and cost by removing the gearbox, diffs and synchronization system of the more fashionable "stupid-hybrid" like the pppp--ppp--prius. Not to mention they get the best possible performance out of the ICE as they only need to run it at its most efficient RPM.

    I think they went this route to get the most power out of the least weight and/or cost. They probably didn't even consider economy! But this shows up those green-painted fancy @$$es wanting the public to believe their overly complex, uneconomical, slow, underpowered, breakage-prone, excessively-expensive, "hybrids" are the way of the future! If it can go into a super-sports car, there should not be a single reason to use the utterly idiotic hybrids they currently place on the market!

  12. Mike 102
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    I come down on the thinking it's a beauty side of the debate

    i love the look of it but would like to see the bottom of the back end more clearly, that bit looks odd. The rest I thik looks excellent...

  13. Stuart Halliday

    need space

    But where is the boot?

    I need somewhere to put my 3 reusable Tesco bags damn it!

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