back to article Seagate to unveil 'perfect iPad companion'

Seagate says it's going to announce a "perfect companion" for iPads and other tablets later this month. We're told it's a first-of-a-kind product, and we're avidly trying to work out what it is. Being Seagate, this thing must have a hard disk drive in it. The company already has iPad involvement with its TV Remote app. This …


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  1. NoneSuch

    From what I heard.

    It is an animated paperclip to help you when you have issues.

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  3. amanfromearth
    Dead Vulture

    Guess, guess and guess again

    What a fu**ing wast of time. Lets' just write some bollocks to fill the space.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    How will Seagate keep Apple happy?

    Apple can always change their T&C to outlaw the use of external storage systems not to their liking. Apple has an interest in reserving any innovation to itself, unless it's getting a cut and fosters dependency on Apple.

    Apple would like customers' data exclusively in their cloud. Maybe this will be a means of uploading large quantities of data to the cloud.

  5. Havin_it

    Perfect ipad companion?

    A hammer?

    1. Cameron Colley

      You mean a blender, surely?

      Or is the hammer just to get it into the blender?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Bluetooth HD?

    I want a battery-powered, blue-tooth enabled, external drive. I wanna leave it in my backpack or pocket and massively expand the storage on my portable. They've put every other friggin' connector and widget on the GoFlex... why not bluetooth?

    1. Mark 65


      I think we can rule out convenient external storage as Apple will simply kill it off as nobody would ever bother buying anything above and beyond the base model.

  7. Paul Wells

    Can't be the remote file app

    There's plenty of apps which allow ipod/phone/pad to play files from drives attached to other computers (Windows and OS X, not sure about Linux) on the same wifi network.

  8. farizzle
    IT Angle

    i reckon..

    it's a combination of a clever app, an docking connector-based radio-type dongley thingey, and a small HDD with a power reserve.

    Connect said dongle to iPad, and power up your external drive. iPad app then allows access to storage space and media stored on said external drive...

    1. farizzle

      cat's out the bag now..

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Bloody obvious

    Its a docking station, with USB ports, harddrive.

    Attached to one long edge of the slab so the screen hinges up to expose a keyboard.

    This will also act as a screen protector when mobile.

    Anybody know the way to the patent office?

  10. calumg

    Media server

    Upload music+videos to media server, stream onto iPad via WiFi. Maybe they've got some special software, or maybe they have extra hardware like a TV tuner or DVD player built into it. Maybe it streams over the internet.

  11. Dick Emery

    Weefee HDD

    Methinks it will be wireless HDD or flash.

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