back to article Motorola's laptop-dock Android phone out on Orange

Motorola's netbook-powering Android smartphone, the Atrix, goes on sale today exclusively from Orange. As reported last month, the Atrix is a 2GHz dual-core handset with 1GB of Ram and 16GB of on-board Flash storage. Available separately is its netbook-like shell: an 11.6in screen, keyboard and battery called the Lapdock. The …


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  1. Lottie

    I wonder

    Will they do a desktop dock for the laptop.

    I suppose this really is the logical conclusion of mobile devices. Smartphones are essentially PCs now and I can see how this would work well in my house.

  2. Mitch Kent

    I desperately want an Atrix, and am already on Orange, but...

    I hate Orange, the network is awful, and I will be waiting to buy Sim Free so I can get out of this god-forsaken contract.

    Yes the peripherals are expensive but hey-ho, early adopter premium.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'll second that

      Orange data speeds are crap.

      Please can we have a mouldy orange icon ?

  3. rickykemp
    Paris Hilton

    I think the image of the Atrix that gets a lot of use is symbolic...

    ...of how smartphones are metaphorically bending netbooks over and making them take it from behind.

    Paris, because, well.... she might get an Atrix? :P

  4. There's a bee in my bot net

    Want a new phone... fed up dealing with Mobile operators...

    At least the phone is 'free' if you sign your life away for 2 years... shame the data allowance sucks hairy balls. 750MB a month?

    In the US you can get the phone, laptop and desktop docks for about £300... (Which is what orange want for the laptop dock alone) again on a 2 year contract but at least they give you more reasonable 4GB data a month.

  5. kevin mulholland

    Buy one it mayu be better than expected

    According to the orange website it is "the worlds fastest phone with a 2Ghz dual core processor & 1Gb RAM"

    Much better than the one you can get from everyone else who only supply a 1Ghz Dual core processor

    1. Stefing


      In the majority of tests the LG Optimus 2X actually beats it but they are (currently) the top 2.

  6. Geoff Ballinger

    1GHz x 2 cores = 2GHz!

    I do like the way they describe the 1GHz dual core chip as "worlds fastest phone with a 2Ghz dual core processor" - special!

  7. Rob Davis

    dock should be in the trackpad

    If the phone itself dropped into the a vacant space in front of the big screen then you would have an innovative trackpad because the phone display could show things on the pad for added usability and features e.g. a tool or colour palette for a drawing package, as well as the big screen

    1. Mr Floppy

      missed opportunity

      That was the obvious thing to do really. I'd like to hear what excuse their designers had for not doing this. Even if it wasn't used as a track pad, a second screen would be highly useful too, media keys or something.

      The only reason they may not have done this is that someone else holds the patent. I did see an article/rumour that apple may have held the patent. The OLO was the first rumour flying around.

    2. Goat Jam
      Jobs Halo

      . . . and . . .

      this is the sort of thing that really gets me annoyed about the entire industry outside of apple.

      Sure, hate apple for all their walled garden antics all you like but they would never design something with such a clear and obvious oversight like that.

      The truth is, if an apple engineer presented Saint Jobs with prototype of a product like that two things would happen.

      1) He would be yelled at

      2) He would be out on his arse

      You have to give Jobs some credit, he doesn't allow epic fails like that make to production.

    3. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      ^bloody good idea..

      As stated.

      Someone else. Do it.

  8. mark l 2 Silver badge

    want one

    Just looked at a demo video of it on youtube and it looks good, i want one. The fact it has full firefox web browser and openoffice must mean Motorola has ported these to Android.

    An full offline office suite like openoffice is whats needed to make the android tablets more useful, wonder if there is a way to get the apk file for it

  9. Anonymous Coward

    No HD Voice support = Fail as a phone!

    Title says it all.... Why do companies insist in making great portable internet devices and forget that people still like to talk on the phone? Didn't orange announce last year that they expected the majority of their handsets to be HD Voice enabled this year, yet there still only appear to be a handful on the market and ironically, the only people I regularly get an HD connection to are those who shunned the high end phones in favour of cheap Nokias/Sony Ericssons etc...

    So, just like my iPhone, if I choose this device I still have to carry a separate £50 Nokia (or better, HTC Desire HD) just to have decent voice quality.... Which makes it seem rather pointless compared to a separate netbook. FFS Motorola, if HTC can get HD Voice on the Desire HD surely, with your mobile history, you could at least make an effort these days? :-)

  10. Goat Jam

    As Soon As I Saw The Picture

    I thought exactly the same thing. It seems ridiculous to hide a phone with a useful touchscreen behind the thing where it can be neither seen nor touched.

    <=== Nice idea with great big serve of FAIL

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