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Last November we kicked off a competition to identify the radio frequencies used by various bits of kit around the modern home, and now we have a winner, and some explanatory notes. No one managed a clean sheet – of the 18 questions the maximum score was 16 and only a handful of readers managed that. But from the random hat we …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    REM, frequency, HA!

    I knew 3 of them when you ran the original article.

    Thanks for the early morning humor.

  2. Jon Thompson 2


    You know, you could have just looked this stuff up, or asked an electronics engineer.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ho hum

    Can't really recall the original article or maybe I just missed it. Oh well.

    Too many frequencies for GPS? Er, no, not really. Though spread out a bit, there are what, five ("single") frequencies defined, says wikipedia, but one isn't used, one is for the nuclear detection satellite payload so not something location receivers care about, one has only been used since 2010 and isn't applicable to this consumerist use anyway, one is military though newer high-precision civilian receivers might use it in the next half decade or so, and well that leaves only one, the civilian GPS signal. A simple gpsmouse thingy will only listen to L1, 1575.42MHz.

  4. TseTT

    What about Economy 7?......

    Or should I read the article again?

    Beer icon?.....Well it is a bank holiday....and i've been at it..... :-)

  5. MondoMan
    Thumb Up


    Though I'm more of a software guy, your articles are kindling an urge to tinker with physical stuff - could be dangerous!

  6. MJI Silver badge

    Keyfobs are usually 433.920

    But my scanner only goes in 5MHz increments.

    The frequency is usually marked on the board.

    I have fixed enough Vauxhall ones to notice this.

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