back to article Skype plugs Android privacy flaw

Skype has plugged a privacy flaw in the Android version of its VoIP telephony software. The update plugs a hole that created a possible mechanism for third-party apps to get access to private data (name, phone number, chat logs etc) held on the Skype directory on Android devices. The security problem was discovered by …


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  1. frank ly Silver badge

    Skype over 3G in UK

    "... allows US users to piggyback onto 3G networks when making calls over Skype. Previously this facility, which users outside the US would take for granted..."

    Here in the UK, Tesco mobile (using the O2 network) T&C's specifically state that using the mobile data network to send VOIP data is not allowed and if they detect it then they will take measures to punish you (my wording). On the bright side, they don't care about tethering since they go by the amount of data you transfer and charge you if you go above your limit (500MB a month on my contract).

    1. Bristol Dave


      Vodafone's T&Cs say the same thing. I've yet to be punished (though in fairness, I'm not a heavy Skype user).

      I do however question whether the cellcos actually bother differentiating VOIP traffic...

  2. Bill Cumming
    Thumb Up

    @frank ly

    Change networks ^_^

    Never had a problem on "3" using Skype's client (not three's own one!)

    But I'm on the "all-you-can-eat" tariff ^_^

  3. Matt Piechota


    The 3G service on Verizon wasn't all that useful unless you were making international calls. It dialed a number (408 area code) and then did some Skype magic to connect the phone to the Internet user. What was really awful was you needed two apps, the 3G 'Skype Mobile' and regular 'Skype' if you wanted to use Skype on both Wifi and 3G.

  4. Tim 8

    Justin Case?

    His parents had a lame sense of humor.

    At least he didn't let it force him into a career selling insurance...

  5. AlexS

    Blackberry is most secure

    No skype app at all after many promises :( Unless you are a Verizon USA customer.

  6. Boris-the-Vlad

    ah.. who gives..

    Skype doesn't allow video calls on Android, so its coolness factor dropped 10 points compared to other alternatives.

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