back to article Twitter eyes up its biggest client

TweetDeck, the discerning Twit's desktop client, is in discussions with Twitter about selling itself to the micro-blogging service for $50m, which could be small change to prevent the client turning into a competitor. The Wall Street Journal reckons the companies are "in advanced talks" about Twitter acquiring TweetDeck and …


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  1. Tom Kelsall


    It's worth what Twitter'll pay for it. They didn't go for $30m so it's clearly worth more than that...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    There has long already been an iOS TweetDeck client for iPad and iPhone

    What is awaiting approval from Apple is a completely re-designed version of TweetDeck for these platforms, not a first version, so there already is an approved version in the AppStore downloadable today and has been for a very long time now.

  3. Matthew Cochrane

    TweetDeck is already on iOS

    TweeDeck is already on iOS isn't it? Or did the article refer instead to Adobe AIR?

  4. philippe schlossberg

    two mistakes in this article

    1st mistake: just the Windows desktop version runs on "Air" ... obviously ;) ... while as you can imagine the Chrome app. version does not (how could it...)

    2d mistake: as mentioned by another user here, there's already an iOS version, while a new one is coming out in a few days now

    1. dz-015


      The Mac version also requires Adobe Air.

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