back to article Sony Pictures opens wallet for Bond 23

Sony Pictures has inked a deal with MGM to co-finance and distribute Bond 23 – the next outing for 007 slated hit to hit cinemas on 9 November 2012. In April last year, the movie was suspended indefinitely as MGM struggled with a hefty $3.7bn debt. In January, it was announced Daniel Craig could dust off his Walther after all …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Bond Sucks

    Daniel Craig is the worst Bond ever and the films have been going downhill since Die Another Day, after Casino Royale I have boycotted all Bond films until they get a new actor.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Can I propose a title ?

    How about "Meltdown" ?

    Or "Swan Song" ?

    Or even "End Game" ?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down


      Downhill since "Die Another Day"?

      As in, the invisible Aston Martin?

      The invisible car that would occasionally show as a shimmer, or occasionally show as *nothing*, and would be unaffected by falling snow, and even the tyre outlines were not rendered visible, sheer pressure of the tyre on the ground would surely break the camera/display mechanism?

      That was the pinaccle, in your opinion, of the Bond series?

      In the post-Bourne movie world, cheesy/overly-fantastic Bond just wouldn't cut it. That's why I thought Craig Bond reboot was what was needed to keep the franchise rolling into the 21st century.

      As for Sony, their product placement was a little too obvious.

      Will he be back in an Aston though? No backing of Ford this time.

      Perhaps he will turn up in a Bentley? As per the original books. Perhaps the new Continental GT, and the baddies could use other VW group products, like the BBC does - place the baddies in Audis?

    2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      Nevermind the new 'Bonds'

      Sony => auto boycott by default.

  3. MarkB

    Whoopie Doo!

    As far as I'm concerned the franchise has hit the buffers.

    Both the Daniel Craig films were pretty dire - I got very bored with the card game in Casino Royale, and I couldn't find any point in Quantum of Solace. Craig is poorly cast as Bond to my mind, as he seems only capable of playing a thug - Bond needs to look smooth and sophisticated in a dinner suite at a swanky hotel or a casino, Craig just looks like a thug in a suit.

    Complete waste of celluloid^Wdisk space.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Story line

      Bond is supposed to be a thug - in Casino Royale he's just got his 00.... he should become more refined as the films progress and by the time he reaches Pierce Brosnan's age he'll be so refined he can retire...

  4. Conrad Longmore

    Awful.. kind of..

    Actually, I thought that Daniel Craig did a pretty decent job in a pretty awful pair of films. Casino Royale starts promisingly but loses its way and is far too long. Quantum of Solace is instantly forgettable. But at least there were no invisible cars.

  5. John G Imrie Silver badge

    Sony Contracts

    The film will start off as a bond film, but half way through it will turn into a Rom Com.

    Complainants will be pointed to page 37 of the EULA printed on a microdot on the ticket which states that the film viewing experience may be upgraded without warning at the sole discretion of Sony.

  6. Geeky Monkey

    Can we have a proper Bond movie this time, please?

    I hate 'real world Bond'. I want to watch a man in a tuxedo fighting a mad scientist in a volcano on the moon, using a variety of ridiculous gadgets and still having time to get off with 3 or 4 ridiculously beautiful women. Not some blond hunk of meat feeling sorry for himself while trying to outwit an accountant for a second rate arms company.

    I've given up on the series until they stop making sub-par Bourne knock-offs.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Real Bond?

      Ah in the sense can we have films that have little in common with the books.


      1. Geeky Monkey


        The books are utter bobbins. Only by jettisoning everything bar the title can you make a decent film out of them.

        I want a movie I can watch at 3pm on a wet bank holiday after giving up on getting the barbecue going, while finishing off the rest of the crate of cheap lager not something that bores you to sleep before the first ad break.

  7. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Roger and Sean Forever!

    1. Nutter tries to take over the world ( again! )

    2. Bond is knocking boots

    3. Mission is given to find out what nutter is up to

    4. Bond is knocking boots again

    5. Bond manages to check his urges long enough to found out about nutter ( and freaky henchman with odd skill )

    6. Bond knocks some more boots

    7. Q turns up with some fun stuff for Bond to show off

    8. Bond finds out bird he was last with is working with nutter

    9. Bond sneaks in to nutters base/house/space station, shoots the place up, knocks out hired skilled special henchman

    10. Makes escape with another bird he fancies knocking boots with, while nutter goes off to formulate a new plan for world domination and hiring more birds for the next Bond to knock boots with!

    Now slot in Roger or Sean and Donald Pleasance as required!

    1. Richard 116
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      'Knocking boots'

      Love it!

    2. Neoc

      You forgot one important rule:

      4.1. At some point in the movie, the first girl Bond knocked boots with *while on the mission* will die.

  8. Alan 6

    Cue lots of...

    Sony products prominently displayed.

    I actually like Daniel Craig as Bond, and Casino Royale was a good film, probably the closest any of the Bond films have stuck to the book. Then Quantum of Solace went the other other way, and just took the title of a short story that features Bond being told a rather sad story about a Burmudan embassy employee and his disintegrating marriage...

  9. A knight who until recently said "Ni!"

    Distracting in-your-face product placement

    "In addition to working together on Bond, this deal expands our relationship with MGM as we explore co-financing opportunities on other high-profile projects."

    You mean you can shoe-horn in EVEN MORE??? Between Sony and Ford it felt like it made up 50% of the last two films.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Product Placement

      Casino Royale had some of the most blatant product placement ever seen in a film - so bad, it looked like it should have been on QVC. It dented an otherwise decent film.

      The only case of even more excessive product placement is the M$ frenzy on the new Hawaii 5-0. Now that's enough to make even the most hardened advertising exec squirm.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    I know some people that will do

    the distribution for free.

  11. Graham Marsden

    I think some people...

    ... need to go back and read the original Fleming stories before they start talking about "Real Bond(tm)"

    At least in Quantum of Solace they got the drink right!

    1. Alan 6

      "At least in Quantum of Solace they got the drink right!"

      You sure?

      In Casino Royale they got the recipe for the Vesper right

      "Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel"

      As far as I recall, as it's a while since I read Quantum of Solace, Bond just drank brandy while the Governor of the Bahamas told him a story

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Oh, you mean those cheap knock-offs from the great movies?

      Never read them, don't plan to.

      Bond movies are supposed to be about escapism, not realism.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Like the Bond, dont remember the film

    Daniel Craig as Bond is a great call. As another posted said above he is meant to be a thug as Casino Royale went back in time to the beginning of his career.

    That said, Bond good...films ok to mediocre. Casino Royale started good, went on too long but had a unique ending for Bond who is obviously just learning to never allow a personal relationship to get in the way of work. Words to live by! Bloody women!

    I dont really remember Quantum of Solace which is a bad thing really. Didnt it have something to do with water, or lack of? It wasnt entertaining enough for me to enjoy or remember.

    Personally my favourite two Bond films were Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies. Peirce had a good blend of tough guy, intelligence and sophistication and the change of M to Dame Judi Dench was brilliant.

    The World is Not Enough was predictable bollocks and Madonna shit all over Die Another Day, stupid wannabee english pop strumpet. Invisible cars my arse! It started well with the torture scene and expulsion from MI6 but soon fell apart when he got chased by a frickin solar mirror thingy.

  13. Lockwood


    Bond jumped the shark in Die Another Day.

    It was a special effects demo with a contrived plot thrown in to try and glue one effect into another.

    The Bond reboot will naturally appear radically different to that PoS.

    The films have believable plot, and believable characters.

    Many of the older Bond films also have this; though you do need to campare a film with a decent bad guy rather than Dr Evil.

  14. L.B

    I'm probably alone in this,

    but my favourite bond of all was: On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    Good story, great cast and the best music by a long, long way.

    As for the last two: Casino Royale was OK, about on par with the better/serious bonds, but the last one was just boring, and the editing was just crap. Images changing so fast during some fight seens that they gave me a headache (I will never watch it again).

    Mine is the one with the 9mm Sig, no toy Walther please.

    1. 4HiMarks
      Thumb Up

      You are not alone

      OHMSS is my favorite Bond as well. The "morning after" ski sequence with Traci is just fantastic. I may have a soft spot in my heart for it though, as it was the first one I saw in a theater. My Dad took me to see it when I was about 10.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Bond 24 - Out of Time

    I agree they need to get rid of the current bond and replace him with Jason Statham. THATS a bond film I would go to the theater to see. --Pairs because she seems to make every page but this one.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Roger Moore was the best Bond by a long way - even aside from having an amusingly appropriate name that even Fleming would have been proud of. He ticks all the boxes: well-spoken, a bit camp and a big fan of gadgets.

    I wonder if Stephen Fry is available?

    1. Marco Alfarrobinha

      Stephen Fry?

      Can't see him "knocking" many "boots"...

    2. Anonymous Coward
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      Fry as Bond?

      You might be onto something there.

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