back to article Sony denies PSP 2 setback

Sony's successor to the PSP, the "Next Generation Portable" (NGP), will not be delayed by the Japanese earthquake and should be rolled out in all regions by the end of the year. Earlier this week, we were told by Sony Computer Entertainment America head Jack Tretton that, due to the disaster in Japan, several manufacturing …


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  1. Goffee
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    Lots going on

    This story changes by the minute with various bits of Sony saying one thing and other, looks like its back on now, with a big official unveiling of the name and price at e3.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    More likely they were revoking the keys that were "discovered" in the PS3 for the PSP1.

    I would say its a fair assumption that the PSP2 and the PS3 will link in much the same way...

  3. irish donkey
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    Remember its not yours

    It belongs to Sony and they will do whatever they want with it.

    Whereas you can only do what they tell you you can do.

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