back to article Japan 'quake hits PSP2 launch?

The launch of Sony's upcoming PlayStation portable, the NGP, is to be pushed back, in the wake of last month's catastrophic tsunami in Japan. The NGP was originally scheduled to ship in November 2011, but Jack Tretton, president of SCEE in America, now says the handheld may not arrive in time for the Christmas shopping season …


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  1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    Sony's misfortune

    I would willingly deny myself the scadenfreude of Sony's misfortune (the corporation) and more.... if that would make the recent Japanese disaster any the less painful for our Japanese brethren who yet suffer today.

    How Sony can make itself right in my eyes.

    1) Declaring all net profits from PS sales (or more) to go to rebuilding Japan

    2) Stop going after hackers who just want to get to the bare metal of their machines.

    3) No more lameness (like rootkits, sudden changes of heart ala OtherOS etc).

    FFS, Sony, I know you're a corporation, but ... just try and be a man.

    1. Carol Orlowski

      Sigh, another cretin

      Sony are protecting their millions of dollars of R&D and IP poured into the PS3.

      They are rightly taking a couple hackers to court, because they intentionally posted the keys that unlocked piracy on the system. You would have to be an idiot to actually think these people are into homebrew, which is a myth, does not exist in any worthwhile shape a form, and is basically a cover-story for piracy.

      OtherOS was removed BECAUSE GeoHot was using it to try and hack the PS3. had he left it alone, you would still have it today. He couldn't leave it thou, so it was removed as a security measure (a measure that ultimately failed, but that's irreverent).

      Let's not go back and change history and pretend that Sony removed OtherOS one day because they felt mean. The removed it to protect the system they invested billions of yen on.

      And for Rootkit, that's the most laughable of all. 10 years ago, different Sony division, not even written by Sony and affected a few thousands CD's. You really ought to stop it, you sound live a total cretin.

      EPIC FAIL indeed.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Epic fail is your lack of anonymity

        If I click your name it brings up all your posts on this site, 99% of which are pro Sony this, pro Sony that and anti everything that has no Sony connections. How much do they pay you, seriously? You shouldn't be so bait about it, I'm sure they wouldnt want us readers to know they have budget for forum trolls. You really ought to stop it, as it's you that sounds like a total cretin.

        1. Carol Orlowski


          Google for Bug Me Not....

          Who's the idiot now?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So you have vented your spleen on a story about component shortages for a product thats yet to be released regarding something Sony DID.

    Well done, you have deserved your place on the internet.

    Nintendo gaining hold? Surely these two products will go after different types of gamers with the occasional crossover?

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