back to article iPhone morphs into pinball machine

Pinball machines are hard to come by these days, and even the pre-installed version on Windows has died out. Fret not, Pinball Wizards! You can turn your phone into a miniature machine and relive those childhood arcade moments. Pinball Magic transforms an iPhone with side-mounted flipper buttons, a ball launch plunger and a …


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  1. Chad H.


    Where are the bridge dwelling goat botherers? Aren't they supposed to make a quip involving apple and the 30% take they'll be missing?

  2. Lockwood

    Box of pinball machine parts?

    I know what Libya's getting in the post!

    1. John 73
      Thumb Up

      Ob. BTTF reference!

      Just introduced my son to those films. Excellent stuff - Spielberg at his finest. :-)

  3. Sly

    Also available at ThinkGeek for those across the pond

    $29.99 +S&H (and tax in VA and OH)

  4. Sonny Jim

    I'm a massive pinball fan

    Why not write about something infinitely more interesting, like an Open Source Pinball operating system:

    1. Geoff Campbell
      Thumb Up


      That is simultaneously the coolest and most utterly pointless programming project I have seen for about a decade and a half. Absolutely stunning!


  5. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    ...a shop who seem to have turned the old maxim of "A fool and his money...", into an art form!

  6. EddieD

    Very cool.

    I'm still not getting an iPhone though....

  7. raslcaat

    won't someone think of the dinosaurs?

    Pfft, just what the world needs, another ephemeral plastic novelty.

    1. J. Cook Silver badge

      Re: won't someone think of the dinosaurs?

      The only time I think about them is when I'm putting their liquefied and refined remains into the tank of my car, and even then it's usually a grumbling about the cost.

  8. JarekG


    my son can do something with his iPhone (it's not like he can make a call or anything like that).

  9. Andy Scott


    All I can say is

  10. Aulty

    Not exactly pinball dreams on the amiga is it

    as above

This topic is closed for new posts.

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