back to article Phones4U sold on again

Mobe retailer Phones4U has been bought by BC Partners from its previous private equity owners. The 500-strong chain was sold by founder John Caudwell, along with his B2B business, to Providence Equity for £1.46bn in 2006. Phones4U claims £900m in sales for last year, up 20 per cent on 2009. Iy has 6,000 staff and claims one …


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  1. eJ2095


    Oh yes i popped into there shops..

    I love the sales tactics there very fun to wind up the sales assistants..

    Asked to see a Android phone and then did the nasty thing of asking tech questions about the phone.

    They got confused then i ended up with 3 people al sales trying to answer question.

    Things you do down Good old Merry Hill Center while the wife is cloths/shoe shopping or what ever they do

    1. Jon 37


      I had a similarly useless experience. I said I wanted a smartphone but didn't want to pay IPhone prices. Salesdroid spent 10min trying to sell me an IPhone, then I left.

      Salesdroid had no idea of price, either. He seemed to think the IPhone was around £100, and didn't notice the £800 contract I would have to sign up for...

      (All figures are approximate).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Trotters Independent Traders

    Yes, this really does sound like the kind of company I'd like to give all my personal and financial details to so that they can safeguard it and never use it inappropriately. Let alone any future random venture capitalist who want to acquire the assets and squeeze every last penny out like a high pressure juicer.

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