back to article News Corp to trade music for games, readies MySpace sale

News Corp is poised to enter the social gaming sector to get a slice of some of the action Zynga is enjoying with its FarmVille success. Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, the head of News Corp’s digital media group, Jonathan Miller said: "Social gaming has a business model. People who play FarmVille actually spend real …


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  1. Cpt Blue Bear

    He said what now?

    “We’re trying to strategically figure out what to do with MySpace,” Miller said. The $580m digital [edit for clarity and space] "We're just right now really starting that in earnest." ®

    You blew $580m for a business with no idea what you were going to do with it?! There's proof that senior management at Newscorp are even clueless about business...

    1. Code Monkey

      Wasn't the first time and it sure won't be the last

      Newscorp weren't the first media company to spaff silly money over a social network and I doubt they'll be the last. New social networks are popping up at a crazy rate (,, maybe others this month - AFAIK - alone) ready to part fools and their money.

      Bubble 2.0 is under way, folks!

  2. Mike 119


    Best thing to do with the site is to switch off all the servers and forget it. It has spewed vomit for long enough.

    Kill it.

  3. LinkOfHyrule

    People who play FarmVille...

    "People who play FarmVille actually spend real money to buy virtual food or whatever it may be for their pig."

    Yeah, these are the same people who get addicted to online bingo - you are scum really for targeting a business at this type of customer. Kid's are going to go without with food so their crazy-ass mother can feed her virtual pig you know!

  4. Graham Lockley

    Nuff said

    'News Corp could use its film and television titles to attract players'

    Or the opposite way round. Yeah I really want to play <insert soap title here>ville/wars.

    Its got NewsCorp written all over it, how big an 'AVOID' sign is needed ?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Newscorp =

    Murdoch = pile of s**t = NEXT!

    (Icon chosen ironically)

  6. Neil Charles

    What's that cricketing term?

    The one for captains who constantly move their fielders around to cover where the previous ball just landed.

    I can't remember, but in business I think it's called a 'News Corp'.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    reminds me ...

    news corp seem similar to AOL in the late 90s... buying all these at the time cool companies (like netscape/nullsoft) and basically killing them off because they just don't know what to do with them.

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