back to article AOL waves goodbye to 900 staffers

AOL pointed 900 of its employees towards the door marked Exit yesterday, as part of the company's effort to recast itself as a media content provider. Just last month, the firm's CEO Tim Armstrong confirmed the $315m buyout of the Huffington Post. Around 200 staffers based in the US were laid off, following that purchase. AOL …


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    1. P Saunders
      Thumb Down

      By "some folks"... you mean just you?

    2. Doug Glass

      Oh How PC

      So we should forsake the use of the word "wave" even though the action implied has nothing to do with a tsunami? So we should stop using words like "shoot" as in photography too, "krill" because it sounds so much like "kill", or "grill" because that's what they do to prisoners and war criminals? Oh grow up.

  2. Richard Rae

    said Armstrong. "The changes today for me are very personal."

    Why? You still got your high paying job right? or did you have to forfeit your new ivory back scratcher?

    1. trottel

      not just that...

      ... and he will get a nice bonus next year for cost savings and increasing efficiency...

  3. maclovinz

    Tax Cuts?

    Remember tax cuts for the top 1% mean jobs.....

    I guess not even for overseas jobs! XD

    Go Republicans!

    1. Figgus

      Re: Tax Cuts?

      Tax hikes certainly don't create jobs either, because neither paying people to stay home and procreate nor government jobs add to the GDP.

      Back on topic, AOL wasn't owned by this tool, so it isn't HIS money getting invested. However, faulting him for downsizing a sinking ship is ludicrous. You think he should have kept all those jobs on and put the other 4000 jobs at risk trying to maintain an untenable course?

      Typical Democrat, can't see your finger because your nose is in the way.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    AOL who?

    Does anyone even remember them? Or use their services? They are truly last century.

  5. John Warlow

    No more coasters

    Now what am I going to put my coffee cup on?

  6. James Woods


    All the years of screwing people around trying to cancel aol subscriptions.

    where ya at now aolhell?


    Buying a left-wing liberal rag should go over real well with an audience that is about as productive as aol has been in the last decade.

    In the event aol had any conservative or right leaning support they surely killed that off with this latest move.

  7. Dave Foster

    Internet dinosaur

    I dumped AOL when they merged with Time Warner and achieved the difficult task of making their website even more bloated. I'm amazed they still exist.

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