back to article Clear Channel turns digital billboards into 'store fronts'

The CEO of Clear Channel says there will be fewer billboards in the future, but that those which remain will be screens, and able to sell you stuff too, the Financial Times reports. The move away from paper posters shouldn't be any surprise: in city centres screens are already replacing paper posters and Clear Channel reckons …


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  1. Code Monkey


    A whole new advertising paradigm! That I can ignore.

  2. AListair 6

    Magners is posh cider?

    oh dear.

  3. JasonW
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    ... and another reason ...

    ... not to take up NFC.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      I came to post the exact same thing

      Magners is absolute filth - the cider equivalent of Stella.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Magners isn't that bad..

        ..but it certainly isn't posh! Strongbow is the lowest. Then Magners/Bulmers. Gimme a Thatchers Old Rascal any day.

  4. Christopher Rogers
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    I don't like it

    We are within a handful of years from walking past an advertisement (this example could be Tesco) which on scanning your chip on your phone/digital wallet/ implanted into your hand, and it saying "Good morning Mr Rogers! Did you enjoy the steak you bought from us last week?" <press button or voice recon response> "Well then you'll love this offer... ...Don't delay, buy today!" which you can then buy and either collect from the shop of have delivered directly to home while collecting your clubcard points with your clubcard number associated to your NFC chip.

    Privacy will be loooooooooooooooogggggggggg dead.

    1. Adam Foxton

      It's actually not that bad

      I mean they ALREADY have all that data stored on you. They know what you bought, at least on your credit card and/or if you used a Clubcard.

      So the actual data stored doesn't change. It just makes it more public- so after a few leaks and the resulting court cases you'll find that companies have to secure their data more.

      So if anything, Privacy has been long dead and it'll take Tesco shouting about it from billboards before anyone realises or cares.

      1. Christopher Rogers

        I still don't like it

        I know all this data is stored. But doesn't mean i am suddenly comfortable with my anonymity in public being stripped out with it!

        To be fair i'm more playing at devil's advocate. I became one of Google and Facehate's bitches a long time go (in relative computing terms)

  5. David Webb


    Isn't that what them barcodes are for? Wave your camera as the barcode which has a link embedded into it which would then take you to the website requested, it's 20p cheaper too. Pretty much every advert in Japan contains the barcode, are we really that far behind?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Because NFC tags can do more ...

      1. Lean nonchalantly against the bus stop while you wait;

      2. Take out phone to chat with friend;

      3. Find your phone is connecting to a "transaction service".

      Conversely, find the discordians are manufacturing slightly more interesting NFC tags ...

  6. Tim Walker

    Anyone else thinking...

    ..."Minority Report"?

  7. Tom 15

    I can just see it now...

    "Good morning, sir, how is the haemorrhoid cream you bought last week?"

  8. KevinLewis

    Buy a magners?

    It's 9 o'clock on a Friday evening waiting for a bus, buy a Magners from the billboard... but where's my drink?

    I can imagine smashed bill boards from disgruntled stupid buyers... well kids already smash the vandal proof glass.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Big billboards. I thought NFC was about NEAR field communication?

    I've actually been thinking for ages that something wireless coupling information to a location wasn't a bad idea. Of course it'd be used for advertising, but you could equally well make a local community noteboard out of it, making use of the fact that interested parties would be in the vicinity anyway. Then it's not so much pushing otherwise unwanted crap onto "consumers" as a form of milking the populace, but enriching people's lives by threading things together in a new way. And if NFC can do that easily, well why not?

    Now just HOPE it doesn't interfere with all those other "applications" whole industries are trying to fob off on you the "consumer" milking cow using NFC as the vehicle to do it. Like how they really do like to gain direct access to your bank account or "electronic wallet" under pretext, using RFID tags. The thing is, industry backing is nice, but if all the industry is thinking about is milking cows or geese with golden eggs, then they're not properly adding value to society.

  10. g e

    What an absolutely fantastic

    reason to avoid buying an NFC phone

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