back to article Microsoft's new 'Bing deals' fails to support Windows Phone 7

Microsoft launched a Groupon-like site dubbed 'Bing deals' that works on desktops, Apple's iPhone and Google's Android device but not on Redmond's own Windows Phone 7. The company said the service was available in desktop and mobile versions only for US customers currently. Local deals service provider Dealmap partnered with …


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  1. Bilgepipe

    STILL no HTML5?

    What can one say that hasn't been said a thousand times before?


    1. DrXym Silver badge

      HTML5 is not some binary thing

      HTML5 loosely refers collection of technologies such as canvas, webgl, web workers, client side storage, H264 / WebM video, audio, css3, geolocation, drag & drop, web sockets etc.

      No browser supports them fully although some may be close. Smart phones lag even further behind. So while IE is a crap browser, it's not correct to assume that other browsers are there yet either, especially on mobiles.

      It wouldn't surprise me if the main thing Bing needs is geolocation. Maybe IE doesn't offer it or does it in some retrograde way that they don't want to support. I'm actually impressed that Bing has the autonomy to do this.

  2. Mr Brush

    Can we get a bigger FAIL icon?

    The current one does not convey the epicness of this fail.

  3. Baudwalk
    Gates Horns

    So much for...

    ..Microsoft being a devious, Machiavellian company. Everyone working in concert, confidently moving towards World Domination!

    Bill must be turning in his gra... hold on.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Well if WP7 doesn't have HTML5 support yet, of course it's not going to work. Sort of a non story really.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      and if microsoft made a car

      it wouldn't have a steering wheel

      so it wouldn't turn corners.

      and you'd be saying,

      of course it's not going to turn corners

  5. Stumpy

    Nice to see...

    ... some joined-up thinking from Microsoft ... oh ... wait....

  6. Badwolf

    Abort / Retry / Fall about laughing

    Thank god for Microsoft - they never fail to make me laugh

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "an update later this calendar year"

    I wonder if it will be as exciting as the current WP7 update debacle.

  8. D. Suse

    Not worth the effort...

    Even if WP7 did support HTML5, releasing software designed for a platform that has sold perhaps a couple of thousand phones in total would be a waste of effort.

    It just shows you what a "together" company Microsoft end does not know what the other is doing. Also reveals how serious they are about the Kin2 -- I mean -- WP7 phones.

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