back to article Brits luv broadband. True

Britons believe broadband connectivity to be the product that has most changed their lives over the past ten years. So says a survey of 2243 adults "weighted to represent UK population" carried out by a marketing consultancy you've never heard of on behalf of a management consultancy you've also never heard of. Punters placed …


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  1. AndrueC Silver badge

    And yet..

    ..they don't want to pay for it. What's the overriding consideration in most purchase decisions? Price.

    Take a look at VM's recent results. Only 3% of people who can get 50Mb/s have chosen to sign up for it.

    1. Me2

      Re: And yet.. #

      "Take a look at VM's recent results. Only 3% of people who can get 50Mb/s have chosen to sign up for it."

      I find that encouraging; since only 0.03% of people actually need it, that means most people are pretty sensible.

      1. AndrueC Silver badge
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        I agree

        Just for the record I agree. I'm arguing against the kind of mentality that thinks we should use taxpayer funds or risk bankrupting our telcos in order to give everyone 100Mb/s to their front room. I think that investing to improve the not- and slow- spots would be better. FTTC would be ideal for that. Upgrade every village cabinet.

        Unfortunately the RoI just isn't there for that. Not unless they agree to pay a rural premium.

        Oink, oink. Flap, flap.

        1. Anonymous Coward
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          Re: I agree

          Also VM while your concentrating on what people actually need rather than bells and whistles that make people go Ooooh, why don't you give us me a workable upload for a change?

          I don't want to sign up for a 100mb/s service (when 10mb/s serves my needs perfectly) just to get a half decent upload.

  2. LinkOfHyrule
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    I like your style!

    So we have never heard of the marketing firm behind the survey and probably never will because you didn't include a link or even a name! I like your style!

    I wish the "mainstream" media would do the same, especially breakfast telly - it just seems to be made up of news stories that all start: "A new survey out today shows..." or "A new survey out today highlights..." and so forth.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "health-centric food labels"


    I just find them morbidly amusing.

    They're always based on laughably small "portion" sizes and even then a portion isn't represented as being particularly healthy.

    You see that shit on cereal packets all the time. "This is 50% of your daily salt allowance" or some such. Then you read the fine print and it says "based on a 25 gram portion". Well who eats 25 grams of cereal at a time? Anybody?

    No. You're going to eat 4 times that amount at least. They don't make bowls small enough to take a 25 gram serving. It's just nonsense.

    But it does prove one thing: all processed food is shit and the manufacturers doth protest too much. "This is some natural shit son!" Really? I don't remember seeing a cheeseburger anywhere in nature.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't eat shit food. I'm just saying that you should realise it is shit and eat it in an actively self destructive way. Like a normal person.

  4. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    Which is why it is almost a mandatory requirement for modern living and why the media companies want it cut when you've been naughty boys and girls, 'cos they know you couldn't last 5 mins without it!

    Must admit as a keen amateur snapper I love being able to get up at 3am on weekends, pick a spot to shoot, check a couple of weather charts, load the Ephemeris check the directions for lighting, if it's a sea shoot check the tide times and finally get an online route planner to check how far I need to drive. I can be done in 10-15 mins , be out the door with my kit ( landscape snappers don't get breakkies! ) and on the road. That sort of info would have taken me 30-45 mins and maybe a day or two's planning 10 years ago.

    If you have a smartphone a lot of that you can do on the road, so you can shoot out the door and just head somewhere and decided what to do when you get there!

  5. gautam

    Sure- what a revelation.

    Who'd have known? But for this survey, we would all be living in the dreamy days of Dial up and AOL charging by the hour.

    Thank goodness for such surveys, which bring to light the desires and aspirations of our people.

    Now how about giving actual advertised speeds, when the whole country gets less than 50% of the advertised speeds. More survey needed for this to happen? ya ya

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not the whole country ...

      ... just the bits that aren't cabled.

  6. Tron

    A bit of self-deception goes a long way.

    It's trendy to dislike Facepalm but it does keep you in touch with family and friends. That is a good thing.

    Oh, and people might hate speed cameras, although perhaps not new enough for the survey, but out of all the most recent tech, they are probably the only one that might have saved their lives without them even knowing about it.

    And no, I'm not trolling.

  7. Paul Crawford Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    broadband connectivity = pr0n

    Title says it all really...well, not quite, the icon puts the cream on top.

  8. Nigel R

    So it's just the right time...

    for Virgin Media to put it prices up by an inflation-busting 7.5%, then?

  9. corrodedmonkee

    I'm moving

    I'm moving in a few months time, and I've already told the person I'm moving with that I reserve the right to veto a decision based on Broadband availability!

    Not going anywhere with sub-standard Broadband. I've suffered enough with Mobile Dongles, kthx.

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