back to article LG claims 'flicker free' 3D TV first

LG has taken the wraps off what it claims is the world's first 3D TV to be independently checked and approved for lack of flicker. Dubbed the Cinema 3D - aka the LW5700 - the telly was given the 'flicker free' thumbs up by European test labs TÜV and Intertek, LG said. LG Cinema 3D LW5700 The company claimed the telly " …


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  1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Is it only flicker?

    I thought one of the big causes of headaches was in people with worse vision in one eye. Normally the better eye will dominate, and the brain sorts out the stereo thing by reprogramming itself, which means when you're trying to process 3d from an image going to each eye separately you can get a headache, or eyestrain from the 'bad' eye working harder than normal.

    I've only ever seen polarised 3d though, rather than active shutter. So I've no idea how flickery that gets.

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