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Cricketers at this year’s World Cup one-day tournament have been told to keep their fingers off the Tweet button by the International Cricket Council. Concerned at the opportunity social media presents for match-fixing messages, the ICC has told players and team officials “no Twitter” during matches. Bookmakers will be forced …


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  1. Manas Straw
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    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    "passing handfuls of used notes to match-fixers"

    I always thought a white envelope handed over in the parking lot was the standard procedure?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    While the ICC is at it... you think they could also get a certain Mr S Warne, ex-cricketer, philanderer and pillock extrordinaire, to stop tweeting so the rest of us can get to see some actual news on the idiot box instead of his bonking conquests?


    Thank you. I feel better after that.

  3. Code Monkey


    That's a shame as Graeme Swann is quite entertaining. Anyone know of a spoof Swanny a la TheBig_Sam?

  4. Graham Marsden
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    ... all that's needed is for the bookies to have a stooge in the crowd with a noticeable banner/ flag/ brightly coloured shirt which gets removed/ waved/ covered over when they want an "accidental" no ball...

  5. Pablo


    Why is Twitter banned specifically? Surely if you were trying to fix a game you would do so by private text message rather than "microblogging" it to the world anyway.

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