back to article PlayStation phone to come with Crash Bandicoot

Sony Ericsson has officially launched its much-anticipated PlayStation phone - the Xperia Play - confirming the leaks and whetting appetites further with some titillating pre-installed titles. Revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last night, the Xperia Play is the first smartphone device to run "PlayStation certified …


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  1. Goffee

    Fun, fun, phone

    Love the idea (have you ever tried playing Sonic or Resident Evil on an iPhone) - just hope it gets priced decently and not as a premium phone, since its more of a mass market job.

    The only player left to do something decent games-wise is Microsoft... Windows Phone 8 anyone?

    More musings -

  2. Anton Ivanov

    Can they finally give us the prices?

    Can they give us the prices before we choke on our saliva? Please? Pretty please?

    Yeah, I confess, I am salivating when I look at the spec and the pics. It is the first time I see a "subway time waster gadget" and I actually want to buy it.

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  4. Sean Baggaley 1

    Also comes with...

    ... Unity embedded in the OS. More here:

    (Near the end).

    Should Adobe start worrying?

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