back to article Qt sees its future in Microkia

A Qt loyalist reckons that his cross-platform app and UI framework has got a bright future, even though Nokia has swallowed Microsoft's Windows Phone. Qt ecosystem director Daniel Kihlberg, responsible for Qt sales, marketing, and services, has blogged that Qt "will continue to play and important role in Nokia". Unfortunately …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    MAY BE

    QT = quit time !

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Now I understand

    how Nokia got left behind, apparently the leaked memo hasn't even reached Daniel yet! Communication inside Nokia must be terrible.

    But Aron seems to be better informed "Qt will not be ported to Windows Phone 7. One of the key benefits of joining an established ecosystem is that there is an established toolchain that everyone uses. All Windows Phone apps will run on all WP7 devices. Adding Qt to the mix would only cause fragmentation."

    So yep I figure Qt is dead at Nokia.

    Interesting thing is when Qt moved to Nokia an agreement was made with KDE which says that if Nokia stoped developing Qt Free then the KDE Qt foundation has a right to release the source code under a BSD license...


    So maybe something good out of this all!

  3. Mike S

    Qt on .NET? Doubt it

    I'm not sure how you would ever get Qt (which is C++ based) onto a platform that only allows managed code (.NET).

    So... I'm not really sure what the future is for Qt, but I don't think its going to be very bright on WP7. And so what value is it to Nokia?

  4. Dest

    This keeps getting better and better!

    Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop saying "I am not a shill" is very much like Richard Nixon saying "I am not a crook".

    The evidence tends to blatantly contradict that.

    Apparently the investors on both the Microsoft and the Nokia side are not very happy with that deal.

    Since the deal was announced Microsoft stock has taken a sharp decrease and Nokia stock is headed straight for the loo.

    Investors at Nokia are very unhappy, employees at Nokia are very unhappy and many are already handing in their resignations.

    Yeah, I am in the US and I keep up with the news, that and I do have sources other than the internet.

    If you do some research you will find that his guy Stephen Elop has quite a history and especially one with Microsoft.

    It certainly gives the impression that he was positioned there as a shill to provide the proverbial foot in the door so that Ballmer could move in and literally take over, which he will.

    Nokia will become exclusively a Microsoft Windows Mobile phone outlet.

    The problem with that is, most people just don't like Steve Ballmer or Microsoft and it's not like their dirty and sneaky and often illegal way of doing business is a secret or anything.

    Given a choice most people avoid getting involved with Microsoft or their products because of their hideous history.

    Yeah, their desktop OS is still widely used but they don't produce anything else that you can't get someplace else better, cheaper and without the hassle that you have to put up with when you have to deal with Microsoft.

    Ok, maybe Kinect for what that is worth.

    Actually Microsoft didn't have anything to do with the development of Kinect, they bought and took over the company that originally developed it.

    Typical Microsoft, look for Nokia and their phones and all of their clever work at development to go the same way.

  5. D. Suse
    Gates Horns


    I am sure that people working at Yahoo and Novell also thought they had a future. Unfortunately, the W32.ELOP.worm infection at Nokia seems to have preempted any future but the one dictated by Microsoft.

    I guess Nokia really should have updated its virus/trojan scanner running on its HR computers. A particularly nasty infection -- capable of destroying their entire company (as well as any scraps of employee personal integrity) -- seems to have run rampant through their organization.

    Symptoms of W32ELOP.worm infection include:

    - Hallucinations of tall, bald, pot-gutted ogres, combined with sudden-onset hearing loss.

    - Hallucinations of billions of easy dollars arriving at your doorstep. Hallucinations usually resolve in a 12 month period, as lack of sales and customer moral boycotting -- combined with MS-authored lowbrow advertising -- cause onset of bankruptcy. This may be accompanied by suicidal ideation (AKA the Yahoo/Novell syndrome).

    - Depression and social alienation of all those to whom the Nokia name previously represented open-source and user-hackable open innovation (now replaced with locked-down, remote-controlled, DRM-encumbered, poorly-coded software). No more "user-serviceable parts" inside.

    There is no presently-known cure for W32.ELOP.worm infestation. The best practice is to quarantine all known infected systems and products. In particular, users are advised to strictly avoid all Nokia, Microsoft, and WP7-containing products.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Dont comment here: Read the Qt blog comments for the full reaction!

    The writing is on the wall for Qt; the developers are very un-impressed and I don't blame them.

    1. Anton Ivanov


      200M Symbian devices?

      What 200M symbian devices? Is he talking about the ones for which Nokia just stopped producing spares to ensure they are recycled as soon as possible?

      Relevant? Some other time.

  7. tom t

    Qt on mobile is dead...

    The question being asked is whether Qt on the desktop would also be forced to whither away under the MS infection. The nervousness of the development community is not about Qt on mobile, that horse has (just) been put out to pasture; it's about the desktop. What should we do, what should I do, when it comes to cross-platform C++ development?

    In my opinion, Qt's main strength has always been cross platform on the desktop; one code base to run on OSX, Linux, and Windows. Of course, MS would love to throw a proverbial monkey wrench into the development fray to halt the defection to other platforms. It was never in MS DNA to promote development on Linux and OSX. Just watch, MS will be MS; and Qt on the desktop will stare at yet another fork on the road...

  8. Nick Kew

    QT Community?

    What happened to Trolltech? Is there still a core team in Oslo but now on a Nokia payroll?

    Before Nokia, QT was most famously KDE's widgetkit (can I say that)? Is there not still a developer community from that legacy? Or is it true that KDE is getting a bit ragged, with the best bits going places like Nokia (QT) and Apple (Safari), or borged by the Gnome that seems to be becoming increasingly standard on *X?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How about Nokrosoft? Or NecroSoft?

    1. Asgard

      New name for what remains of Nokia?

      How about NoMicrosoft?

      That would be approved by the current Nokia R&D people.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Definitely no future

    The QT-UI layer for Symbian was dropped and reverted to shitty Avkon. QML is dead too. Nokia need to ship the next-Gen Symbian devices on time or the whole thing will fall apart. It will start stripping features from the phones to make sure that happens, QT won't be a high priority.

  11. Mikel

    QT, and every thing else

    They're all doomed. They may as well have been bought by Oracle. If you ever cared, you can stop now - after an appropriate break for grief of course.

  12. BigG

    Chipmaker to the rescue?

    ARM, Intel, Nvidia?

  13. Tom 7 Silver badge


    - Mi I fear.

  14. Shadowfirebird

    Wait for it...

    Aaaaaand, Microsoft buying Nokia's patents and suing a whole bunch of people in three, two, one...

  15. Richard Porter


    Or did you mean Mi-croak-ia?

  16. Joe Burmeister

    QT will not die, Autodesk use it.

    Autodesk have been doing a big QT push in the last few years. Maya is now QT based. I suspect this was for the developers as much as anything. If you looked at the headers previously, there was ifdef all other place for the different platforms they supported. Unifying on QT must have made their life much easier. They came to see us, with some developers, before Maya went QT, and we were complaining about something or other, and the developer come back was the problem with all the different platforms doing things different ways. QT would have gone a long way to solving that issue. I don't know if QT is used on other Autodesk products, but even not, Autodesk are huge and love buying things (they bought the whole 3D market, Max,Maya,XSI), so I'm sure buying QT might interest them. Though I'm not sure more corporate ownership is what QT needs........

  17. tina1
    Thumb Up

    What Nokia did can prove to be a huge success......

    I don't think Nokia is dumping symbian Qt completely. What is the point of being so disappointed? Nokia has 75 million symbian devices in market and still going to launch around 15million more.

    May be Nokia would try and get Qt on windows. Let’s see, but Qt is strong and will remain so, but I am also excited about WP7.

    And on the other hand Nokia is still launching its MeeGo device. Qt developers still have a long way to go.

  18. tina1

    Nokia Developers Weigh in on the Planned Nokia/Microsoft Partnership

    Check this to see what other developers have to say:

    At Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, developers weigh in on the planned Nokia/Microsoft Partnership giving their honest opinions on the recent news. Developers further explain what exactly the news means for them, and how it will effect their immediate and long term future.

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