back to article Intel samples 'Medfield' next-gen phone chip

Intel has announced that its "next-generation phone chip", code-named Medfield, is now sampling to customers, with production scheduled for later this year. The company is undoubtedly hoping that the proverbial third time will be the proverbial charm, seeing as how Medfield's two low-power mobile predecessors, Menlow and …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "Intel Capital announced ..."

    Intel Capital announced they'd thrown another few dozen million dollars of good money after bad. Anyone think of any Intel Capital successes since, er, any date at all? Or even any non-x86 Intel successes in the same timeframe?

    How are Intel doing with their recent headline purchases? McAfee ($8Bn)? Wind River ($800M)? Virtutech ($Mundisclosed)?

    How much did Intel get when they sold their StrongARM assets to Marvell? $600M.

    How much is IA64 costing Intel (and HP customers) every month? $M undisclosed again.

    Even the article, presumably a barely rebranded Intel press release, notes that Intel's heavily backed WiMax is effectively dead as a mass market product. Intel Capital own(ed) half of UK wireless ISP Freedom4, and consequently they were going to roll out a massive fixed WiMax network. Ho ho ho.

    Spot the engineering brain cell. But not at Intel HQ. Dodgy deals done with Dell, declared dead?

  2. Joe Burmeister

    x86 on phone? Why?

    We don't need x86 compatibility. No one needs software or hardware legacy of x86 on phones. Hardware legacy for the sake of software legacy on a form factor it won't be any use on....

  3. Bill Neal

    Not that exciting

    I doubt they will be able to corner the RISC mobile market.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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