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There's something obvious missing from Nail'd. For grammarians, it will be the title's unnecessary contraction of a perfectly acceptable transitive verb. For Newtonians, it will be the game's flagrant disuse of the laws of motion. For everyone else, it will surely just be the total lack of challenge on offer in developer …


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  1. DrunkJunkie
    Thumb Down

    Just in time

    So glad you did this review, played the demo last night and seemed alright with the 2 tracks on offer.

    Best to wait for Motorstorm me thinks.

  2. Jord

    Looks like...

    ...another case of the top execs of an inferior publisher/ dev studio looking at a successful masterpiece of a game such as Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and saying "make me one of those" (which still, 3 years on, is excellent online and has no shortage of players).

    I agree with Drunk Junkie: wait for the next Motorstorm. Thanks for the review.

  3. drmexico


    The stills look very similar to Pure - that was a great game. Thought this might be the sequel when I saw the first pic but reading this review it definitely isn't...

  4. Annihilator

    Thanks for the caption

    The game looks rubbish, thanks for the review :-) But even bigger thanks for the caption of "Boulder Dash", I'm off to find a C64 emulator to play that instead!

  5. Anonymous Coward

    "the impunity of its crashes"

    Isn't that like every racing game in the modern console-gaming age? You scrape your car around the crash barriers of a track with your virtual foot on the virtual floor, slam into the rear/sides/front of other cars, and blast through the finishing line only to be offered stuff to buy. (When I say "you", I actually mean the talentless dick you're racing against, realising that there's no point in having a brake control when you can bounce off the side of the track as if you were an elementary particle.)

    Nice scenery, though.

  6. MJI Silver badge

    I'll stick with Motorstorm

    Nail'd sounds pretty poor.

    We have all of the Motorstorms, now they are a really good offroad racer.

    I like the Patriot Rodeo, Monarch Claymore (a Bowler), the blue tanker lorry (Hydroaid?)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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