back to article MySpace seeks music-loving buyer with GSOH

Recent lay-offs at MySpace were costly for its disgruntled parent News Corp, which said in its Q2 earnings that it was officially seeking a buyer to offload the failing social network entertainment portal. The company swallowed a $275m charge in its latest quarterly results, and admitted for the first time publicly that it was …


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  1. ForthIsNotDead Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Whoda thunk it?

    Stupid media company pays way over the odds for Web 2.0 outfit...

    And, in other news, birds live in trees...

  2. envmod

    buggered it up

    NewsCorp have fucking ruined MySpace. Sooner it's out of their hands the better.

  3. Andrew Moore Silver badge

    How soon...

    ...before the we see the same story but with 'Facebook' replacing 'MySpace'.

    1. Elmer Phud Silver badge

      Not for a while

      MySpace was bought out of greed - at the thought of the income from ad content.

      Facebook has got the ads, is very well established and the owner doesn't need a big cash bost as he's well minted.

      Sorry to piss on your strawberries but it seems you may not have much of an idea about Facebook.

      1. Jim Morrow
        Big Brother

        it's the .com madness all over again

        well elmer, you don't seem to have much idea about facebook either.

        facebook will die on its arse (like the rest of the other web 2.0 shit) once the slack-jawed yoof who use it move on to the next shiny new thing. just like they did to myspace. and bebo. and orkut. and aol. and .... all the way back to compuserve in the days of dial-up. or the days of cb radio in the era before the internet.

        the best thing about the myspace death spiral is it will cost the dirty digger a lot of money.

    2. NoneSuch

      @Andrew Moore

      > How soon before the we see the same story

      > but with 'Facebook' replacing 'MySpace'.

      Not soon enough.

  4. John I'm only dancing

    I'll give em a fiver.

    That's about all it is worth since the ferked it up last year.

  5. Videography

    Howdy Rupert

    There is no saving MySpace under your control. It's a clear loser in the social media world. There is a model that could save your money loving ass. Call or email us at Videography Lab.

    BTW: Fox does have some good entertainment programming but your News is unfair and way out of balance.

    Bob Kiger - Videography Lab - Oceanside, California, USA

This topic is closed for new posts.

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