back to article Toshiba intros laptop that CHANGES COLOUR

Toshiba has come up with a laptop, the Dynabook Qosmio T750, which has a lid which changes colour - the first of its kind, the Japanese giant claimed. Well, sort of. The blue-lidded box – the colour is called "shiny ocean" – sports "shimmering" metallic colours that run from turquoise through to deep blue and purple depending …


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  1. JohnBoy
    Jobs Horns

    Tosh. should have called it the Karma Chameleon

    "Loving would be easy is your colours were like my dreams, red, gold and green, red, gold and green"

    1. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge


      Did anyone else read the name on the lid and think 'Quasimodo' ?

      No? Just me then.

  2. petur

    Shame of the other specs though

    Even my 10" netbook already has that screen resolution (LED backlit too)...

  3. hplasm Silver badge


    I remember polyester pants that did that.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Meh.

      I had a pair as a kid and all my mates thought they were really cool.

      We thought the same about digital watches a few years later though, which says a lot.

  4. Ryan 7

    Wouldn't a true metal-bodied unit be *more* environmentally-friendly?

    By extending the life of the laptop and reducing the need for replacements?

    1. C 2

      Yes, but

      They can't do without 'planned obsolescence' .

      See the 'Story of Stuff' and you'll understand.

  5. Rob Haswell

    So it's just pearlescent?

    Yawn. Why have they used nanotechnology to achieve what car manufacturers have been doing for years? I mean, if some bearded men in a shed in Blackpool could do this in a decade ago, you have to wonder why they're bigging this up.

    1. The Indomitable Gall

      If the article's right...

      The article says

      "The trick lies in Toshiba's use of several polyester laminate films, each comprising thousands "nano-technology" layers,"

      If this is accurate, this means that unlike interference paints (ChromaFlare and the like) they've not done this with suspended particles, but actually made the case as a polylaminate. This would make the technology fundamentally different in terms of physics, although it is clearly derived from the same principles. (Chromaflare uses particles of laminate to show the surface of different layers at different angles, if this case is a single laminate, it will rely on varying refractive indices and total internal reflection for its colour-changing jiggery-pokery.)

      If it's just spraypaint, on the other hand, you're quite right.

    2. G C M Roberts

      My thoughts exactly

      ...this just seems like an overcomplicated way to do that car paint which Falcon NW have been using for years on their kit which apparently has lots of tiny prisms in it to create the a very similar effect.

  6. EddieD

    A decade ago?

    Two-tone suits like this were all the rage with the early 60s Mods.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    A Laptop that matches a ten year old Vauxhall Corsa that's been pimped by a youth with more benefit money than sense.

    Mines the one with the Daily Mail sticking out the pocket. Bah! Humbug!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If only

    They put this much effort into something useful like their docking stations. The one I have, supposedly a "business" model doesn't pass through the modem, cannot support DVI, the button is right at the very back in the far corner so if you slip it under a desk or something you have to grovel about to switch it on and off, it doesn't work with KVMs reliably and is a bit of a poor show all round. Get the basics right and then when everything is perfect you can fiddle with the colour and shape.

  9. Jamie Kitson


    Isn't there a TVR like this? I guess you can have it done to any car.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    But what are the speakers like

    and can you get some decent alloys and an exhaust pipe big enough to fit a cat in it.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    at least

    it's not as distracting as when a TVR changes colour from green to pink as it overtakes you on the motorway.

  12. JDX Gold badge


    Unless it actively changes colour, I don't care. Even then it would be useless, but at least it would be cool.

  13. Graham Marsden

    I thought this...

    ... would be something like a Global Hypercolour T-shirt (ie ends up getting cheap colour changing dye all over the place!)

    1. bluesxman

      RE: Global Hypercolour T-shirt

      They were great ... for showing exactly which parts of you were sweating. Attractive and functional!

  14. John 62

    down with 16:9!

    give me 16:10 or give me death

    1. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

      Down with...

      ... media player focused aspect ratio on devices that are personal computers first and media players second. Have you tried buying a laptop with a decent (>1000) vertical resolution lately. Rocking horse droppings and those that exist are mostly full HD monsters. Why do I want a screen shaped for a TV standard on a laptop? Sure I watch movies on my laptop, for a couple of hours a week maybe on top of the 40-60 hours *work* I do with the thing.

      Leave 16:9, 16:10, 21:9, 1.85:1, 2.39:1 and all other widescreen 'standards' for media players and TVs please and lets have laptops with 4:3 again.

  15. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

    Lost my laptop ...

    ... on my messy desk. It was blue. Anyone seen it?

  16. Darryl


    I saw the title and thought Cool! A Mood Laptop! But it's just got the cheesy 'optical illusion' stuff that's been around for decades.


    1. Brian Miller Silver badge

      Mood keys, mood panel

      Keys that respond in color to your fingers, and a back panel that responds to your user input and resource usage. I want psychedelia! ACID! ACID! ACID! ACID!

  17. Christian Berger

    I got such a keyboard 6 years ago

    It came from a couple. The husband worked at a company making such paint jobs. The keyboard had a DIN connector so they didn't need it anymore.

  18. SteelVenom

    Already been done by alienware

    Alienware's mALX 19" laptop had color changing capability on the back. Was way more bad @$$ then this thing ever will be too. That laptop came out in 2006/2007 I think. Great research capability Toshiba. Toshiba sucks.Plain and Simple.

    I owned an mALX sadly it died however I'd love to own another one someday, even if it's a bit's to wishing.

  19. tempemeaty

    Beautiful graphic on the outside, secret graphics on the inside ^^

    Cute and tricky lid. Now if only it had a graphics chip-set. It's got to have one though none is listed. Intel Graphics? nVidia Graphics? ATI? I got it, S4! Hahahaha....

    Can't wait to see one change colors even if the graphics chip-set is secret. >_<

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