back to article HP makes flash music with Violin

HP is working with flash supplier Violin Memory to make accelerated database systems competing with Oracle's Exadata go-fast boxes. If you go down to the HP woods (pdf) today you're sure of a big surprise. You will find HP's recommended configurations for online transaction processing (OLTP) based on ProLiant DL980 G7 servers …


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  1. SplitBrain

    HP....Inventing...bugger all!

    Typical, They go and make an appliance to compete with Exadata and look at how much of what goes into this appliance they actually own/manufacture.....

    CPU's- Intel

    OS - Red Hat more than likely

    DB - ORACLE!!!!!

    Flash Storage Array - Viola or whatever.

    WIll this move in volumes if it is cheaper than exadata? Sure it will. Will add to revenue? Sure it will. Will it generate as much profit as exadata? no bloody chance....

    To make any decent moolah, they need to own the entire stack, they own feck all apart from the cheap tin on this config.........makes me wonder why they bother with the thin margin they will make. To live up the the "Invent" slogan I gather.....

  2. NachoTech

    Premature Excitation?

    That link to the bitcon site is broken -- perhaps the document you are referring to was not supposed to be published? In any case, the last two quotes in your article come directly from Violin's own datasheet for the 3200 ( ), so I doubt that any real HP thought went into that.

  3. Lou 2

    Maybe will get Oracle to sharpen their pencil?

    Given that this is very much the little Johnny come lately, build from industry standard parts, it will have a hard time getting traction. But if it gets Oracle to sharpen their pencils a bit, that would be helpful.

    Now if somebody, with half a brain, can build a MySql database machine, to do some real database crunching and compete with the big guys, ummm actualy guy, Oracle, and offer an alternative that woudl be fantastic. Oops, I forgot, Oracle "owns" MySql. It seems Sun was worth every penny they paid for it - Larry must've laughed and laughed when the MySql Sun acquisition happened - all according to his plan for WORLD DOMINATION!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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