back to article Israelis seize woman packing 44 iPhones

Operatives at Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport last week thwarted an elderly woman's attempt to enter the country packing 44 iPhone 4s. According to Haaretz, the sexagenarian Israeli smuggler had flown in from London, dressed in "a traditional Georgian outfit". She aroused suspicion by "walking with difficulty", and …


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  1. Tron

    Ah yes, the global economy, free trade... price differentials and import taxes.

    Your government is only doublethinking of you. You should be grateful. If they weren't screwing you every which way, the sky would fall in!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      No no no, Its an alarming twist in the terrorist jihad. The cult of Jobs in on the rise. The end is coming. Oh hang on, was it an Israeli woman or a Palestinian?

      P.S. Just to make sure I tick all the trigger words, bomb, cypher, Jobs is great , extortion. I wonder when I'll see those nice men in black again, oh hang on when did I see them last.

  2. Fuh Quit
    Thumb Up

    How'd that affect the reception?

    I can imagine some of those devices suffered the Grip of Death....!

  3. Dazed and Confused

    customs advoidance

    I guess she was hoping to avoid paying import duty into Israel, or is grey importing Apple products now covered by the criminal law?

  4. Gil Grissum


    What exactly was the crime? Is it illegal to enter Isreal with a specific number of iPhones? What if it had been 10? 6? 4? Wouldn't it have been smarter for this woman to simply have mailed them to herself via FedEx or UPS in Isreal?

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      I'm guessing...

      I'm guessing she neglected to pay import duty on new items.

    2. E 2

      @Gil Grissum

      Israel's main telco is in dispute with Apple about profit share. Thus Israel govt some time ago controlled import of Apple cell phones, and there is a black market in Israel for iPhones. Nothing more.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    so she had managed to get through security in london with a crapload of electronics hidden under her clothes, got on to a plane, then only got found out on arrival because she was unable to walk with that much electronics under her clothes?

    well that justifies all the intrusion in the name of security if nobody noticed that before letting her on the plane!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Think of the amount of stored energy in 44 iPhones!

      I mean they already burn their victims/owners.

      Just think what you could do with 44 iphones wired to short out quickly. That's got to be somewhere in the region of a small hand grenade's worth of energy.

      Or what if they all made a phone call simultaneously? You could really limit the available bandwidth for people making 999 calls from mobiles (say, if you'd taken hostages or something), possibly enough to prevent calls from being made in a small area. Or have each of them call 999 and report the same massive, massive fire and terrorist attack at the opposite side of town so the police etc are tied up over there.

      With 44 of the things you could probably take over a plane by chucking them at anyone who tried to stop you!


      The security at Heathrow is so good it took 4 trips through it before they asked about the swiss army card I'd forgotten about at the bottom of my rucksack. 4 trips. And then they removed the knife but left the pointy scissors, the pin, the long, slender, pointy pen, etc.

      So yeah, the security theatre is just there to give people jobs, a feeling of security, and an excuse to rack up prices in their airside shops.

      1. ArmanX

        @Think of the amount of stored energy in 44 iPhones!

        Oh, it's much worse than that - she could have TURNED THEM ON DURING FLIGHT! That many phones, all calling each other, would probably make the plane break in half, or worse, land in [insert disliked country here]!

        Meanwhile, I have a key-knife (as found on ThinkGeek) that's made it through at least a dozen flights...

    2. alwarming
      Paris Hilton

      Remember she was an old lady.

      So no one wanted to look at her images while boarding!

      Now Paris, her scans are perhaps not unwatchable.

  6. Dave 15

    Get through security...

    Hardly a problem to get through London security carrying anything you like (as long as its not a jar of ginger jam - apparently the substance in the clear jar which is still vacum sealed could have been replaced.... bollocks)

    When not going through with obviously terrorist substances in the form of ginger jam I did get through with a 10" flat blade screw driver cunningly hidden in the lining of my leather jacket (ok it had fallen through the pocket while I was fixing the car two days prior to travel).... on this occasion the person on the scanner was discussing their weekend drinking plans with the person on the scanner behind while anything and everything sailed past without a glitch.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Useless twunts

      I got a bottle of flammable camera lens cleaning solution onto a plane in my camera bag no problem at all, despite it going through xray. Wife's sealed duty-free-bagged lip-gloss however was confiscated.


    2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

      Once found a knife

      One time I took all my stuff out of the tray after the X-Ray machine, to find a knife in the bottom of the tray. One of the security people had put it into my tray to test if the scanner person was paying attention; they weren't. It was a bit of a crap knife too, not worth having, so I pointed it out to a security bod saying that it was nothing to do with me, and should it really be there?*.

      * I was in 2 minds. I was worried that if I just left it someone would notice, get upset & I'd miss my flight. On the other hand, reporting it may have lead to me being shot in the head to subdue me for questioning :(

    3. Anonymous Coward


      My bro took a couple of unopened wedding gifts in carry-on recently. Security noticed one was a 4" paring knife, made him check it. However, they missed the matching 9" chefs knife.

      On a different trip, my mother was told she couldn't take two lighters through security, so she handed over one of them. To my dad. Then they both were cleared through.

  7. JaitcH

    Israel: One of the few countries that make cells dutiable

    Either the offence is for duty or to ensure compliance with their radio equipment approvals regime.

    Most countries accept the ubiquitous FCC approval, although Canada and EU require compliance.

  8. The Indomitable Gall

    For about six months...

    For about six months I was flying, several times a month, without realising that there was still a razor in the bottom of my laptop bag. Nobody ever noticed.

    1. Ben Oldham


      it was lucky you didn't get nicked

  9. dave 76

    Didn't necessarily have to hide them when leaving UK

    "so she had managed to get through security in london with a crapload of electronics hidden under her clothes, got on to a plane, then only got found out on arrival because she was unable to walk with that much electronics under her clothes?"

    Although it's fun to point out how stupid airport security in the UK is, she didn't necessarily need to have them under her clothes on exit from London, only on entry to Israel.

    After all, no one in the UK will care if you openly leave with 44 iphones, though customs will be very interested if you try and come in with them without paying duty.

  10. E 2


    In USA/Canada she could have charged ethnic profiling or ageism!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who said elderly people were technophobes?

    "The post is required, and must contain letters."

    Dang, can't get away without a title, but can't get away without a post either! What about free speech? Freedom of expression? I had nothing to add to the title! I'll sue you! #shakes fist#

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Who said elderly people were technophobes?

      >#shakes fist#


      (in jest).

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