back to article Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

Another two Matrix films may be leaping into cinemas, the Grauniad shrugs. The curiously youthful Keanu Reeves, star of the Matrix trilogy and of an exceptionally lame meme told an audience at the London School of Performing Arts that he may be getting back into Neo's slinky strides once again. Excitable source El Nino told …


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  1. Annihilator

    Remove 2/3 from canon

    Maybe they're removing the original Reloaded and Revolutions from canon, and actually doing them properly in a manner that doesn't make me want to tear my brain out through my eyes?

    Can't see how else Reeves would be in it - even though there are numerous "ones", presumably they looked different each time, other wise it would be a lot easier to find them as they'd have a picture of him from last time.

  2. Gabor Laszlo


    There is a fanedit out there called The Matrix Dezionized (what it says on the tin) thatmolds 2 and 3 into a tense and enjoyable whole. The sex scene was also cut.

    1. CaptainHook


      If you remember the meeting with the Architect in front of all the TV screens, all the "Ones" looks like Reeves, even down to the clothes he wears - although his reaction to being told what is happening seem to be different each time

      The Matrix needed Neo to make the decision and has effectively scripted all the events that lead up to that decision (save trinity or destroy the matrix) and therefore doesn't actually want to catch him, the humans have no idea that the matrix is being looped and replayed endlessly and so can't know what Neo looks like.

      1. Darryl

        So they could FIX the second two

        Just do the second two over again, but set them in another time period with one of the other 'ones' and then redo the two sequels with things like, you know, a script and acting and other things that weren't in the original sequels. Oh, and as well as removing the sex scene (or at least replacing it with a plausible one) also remove the long drawn out totally unnecessary "dance orgy" thing.

        Oh, and do it 3D if you must, but PLEASE give us the option of going and seeing it in 2D if we prefer, or I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD like I'm doing with the Green Hornet.

      2. Jason DePriest

        allow me to retort

        Those were all the current "one" and his possible reactions to what the Architect was telling him.

      3. Annihilator


        All the "Ones" on the screens are the possible reactions the Architect has calculated, not the previous versions. There had only been 5 previous "Ones" - Neo was the 6th.

        At the start of each cycle/Matrix, the One was tasked to select sixteen females and seven males to repopulate Zion, with the implication that he would repopulate with them. Morpheus mentioned that before the previous One died, he had told them he would be reborn one day. Presumably they'd have a picture of him in that case.. Or look for the guy with an anagram of "one" (Maybe the next one will be called Oen, or Eon..)

  3. Bill Cumming
    Thumb Up

    In bigger news...

    Keanu is all in to do "Bill & Ted" 3

    I'm hoping for a Bill & Ted Matrix crossover movie!! ^_^

  4. Mystic Megabyte Silver badge


    I'm having a feeling of déjà vu!

  5. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Why not adapt The Difference Engine?

    The Matrix with Steam and Brass.

    And no fights.

    And a story.

    1. Expat Paul
      Thumb Up

      The Difference Engine

      Now that *would* be worth seeing

    2. Anonymous Coward

      What number are we thinking of?

      I think he was joking. Sadly.

    3. annodomini2

      thing is....

      Will it end up like the difference engine, half finished?

    4. Aaron Em

      Oh, yeah, steampunk

      Because hot-gluing a handful of old pocketwatch parts to it makes anything better!

    5. Tom Maddox Silver badge
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      And, best of all

      No Keanu.

  6. DJ 2

    Matrix was an awesome movie,

    Shame they never made any sequels.

    1. D@v3
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      further proof

      that there really is an xkcd for every occasion

      1. Anonymous Bastard
        Thumb Up


        It's the new Farside and Randall Munroe is the new Gary Larson.

        1. Francis Boyle Silver badge


          Please: Gary Larson had about three jokes* recycled endlessly. Randall Monroe on the other hand manages to think up at least three new jokes each week.

          *Wouldn't it be funny if animals were doing this,wouldn't it be funny if cavemen were doing this and the other one.

    2. Bob H

      Can I propose a little protest?


    3. Christian Berger Silver badge

      Re: Matrix was an awecome movie

      @DJ 2: It pales in comparison to the original "Welt am Draht". Unlike "Matrix" it made sense and was made almost without any special effects.

  7. Expat Paul

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    "Keanu stated that he still has an obligation to the fans to deliver a movie worthy of the title 'The Matrix'"

    Don't feel obliged, Keanu. Really. Don't.

  8. Real Ale is Best

    XKCD says it all.

  9. Anonymous Coward


    Hurrah! I've been waiting for sequals since the last film came out in 1999!

  10. Robert E A Harvey



  11. King Jack

    Robot Chicken

    Robot Chicken sums it up best. Season 5 episode 3.

  12. Some Beggar

    "the first film that made brains go pop all over the world"

    Really? It's a great action movie but it's hardly intellectually taxing. Any brains that popped were probably not worth preserving.

  13. Steven Knox

    "new not-so-shit 3D"

    Do you mean actually new and actually not-shit, not "advertised as not-shit but still shit" like the current crop of 3D shit we have today, or do you mean that you're peddling today's shit 3D as "not-so-shit", in which case I have to ask -- Really?

    <-- in 3D!

    1. asdf Silver badge

      an even earlier bigger head popper

      Jacob's Ladder 1990. Also Total Recall could have been if the ending would have been like it should, with some everyday normal schlep getting out of the dream chair at the very end.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        @asdf re:Jacob's Ladder

        I know what I'll be watching again tonight when I get home.

        F**king AMAZING film!

  14. disgruntled yank Silver badge


    Saw only the 2nd, thought it pegged the bogometer about 5 minutes in...

  15. Bunker_Monkey
    Jobs Horns

    Neo, with an iMatrix?

    Why do I get the feeling that Apple will be doing a bit of drop in advertising if this goes ahead..??? Please dont feel obilged Keanu!

    2 & 3 were a waste, please dont bother with a 4 and 5.. too much had changed for the sequels from the original movie, and the list is far too long for a comment!

  16. MinionZero

    I like all 3 films, so I can't wait to see Matrix 4 & 5.

    I know the Matrix isn't for everyone, but then if you don't like it, you don't have to watch it.

    But what gets me is that with almost every announcement of a sequel these days; we have an endless barrage of bile from naysayers, determined to imply that they have a superior more refined artistic view of what makes a great film. Its very much as if these critics love the feeling of pretending they are so superior and so we end up with them seeking to undermine a film they haven't even seen yet!

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: I like all 3 films, so I can't wait to see Matrix 4 & 5.

      Critics sometimes *are* superior, you know.

      I just don't care much about sequels if they're no good. I do not acknowledge them. In my head there are only two Indiana Jones films. I don't give any thought to the other two (the last one made me CROSS so I have decided not to accept it into my brain).

      1. Greg J Preece

        I do exactly that!

        "I just don't care much about sequels if they're no good. I do not acknowledge them."

        I know exactly what you mean. There are only two Terminator movies, after all.

        That said - and I know I'm going to get shouted at for this - Matrix Revolutions is my favourite of the live action Matrix movies. Not for the stupid ending, oh no, but for three very simple reasons:

        1) Matrix 3 has the least amount of Keanu Reeves in it

        2) I thought the Battle for Zion was a very enjoyable action segment. Mechs, bazookas, mines, 250 000 squiddies. Oh yesh.

        3) Matrix 3 has the least amount of Keanu Reeves in it

        But then again, my absolute favourite part of the Matrix saga is the Animatrix. Some of those shorts, especially The Second Renaissance, were superior to all three live action movies.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Me too

          I've never quite understood why people say 2 & 3 were so bad.

          I thought they were pretty good.

          Problem is, the first film was so cool and fresh, how could you ever top it?

      2. peyton?

        Don't forget

        "Remastered" originals - now with content randomly added! *glares in George Lucas's direction*

        Still, I must confess to liking the second Matrix. Sure, there are the boring bits before the car chase scene, and some more boring stuff after... but that's a great car chase scene.

        Techno spiked with the roar of a Ducati is a win for me.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @Sarah Bee

        Just curious, which of the first three don't you like?

        1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

          Re: @Sarah Bee

          The crap one, obviously.

    2. Aaron Em

      And sometimes you just know a movie's going to suck

      Did you make the same arguments in defense of Battlefield Earth? If not, why don't you and your rather peculiar tastes go enjoy a movie everybody else on the planet loathed, and leave us all to the snark we so enjoy in the middle of a workday afternoon?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Aaron

        Oh my ahahaha - Battlefield Earth :)

        Thanks for the reminder, I keep a selection of horror movies (not horror as in scary but horror as in horrible) and have been meaning to add that one to my hall of shame. Keanu and Nicholas Cage seems to be in the majority of them but I've always just chalked that up to coincidence.

        Really bad b-movies work better for me than most other solutions for insomnia.

  17. Fluffykins Silver badge

    OK: Title?

    The Matrix: The Reboot?

    The Matrix Rebooted

    The Matrix: What does this button do?

    The Matrix: Don't.....Oh shit.

    1. Darryl


      The Matrix has performed an illegal operation and must be terminated. Do you want to report this problem to Microsoft?

    2. peyton?

      Given that some sequels should never be made

      I vote for

      The Matrix: Patch Tuesday

    3. Neil B

      re: Title?

      The Matrix: Please Don't Press That Button Again

    4. The Sod Particle


      The Matrix: Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

    5. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      The Matrix: Rooted

      Of course, our antipodean readers will tell you this has other connotations as well...

  18. JDX Gold badge

    Fun to swear in serious articles?

    It's a shame they didn't manage to time a Matrix film to come out before Avatar... the first film was ground-breaking and if they transferred that to 3D before it was widely used, they could have repeated that feat.

    1. Aaron Em


      If they'd tried to transfer The Matrix to 3D instead, they'd have killed off 3D cinema for the next decade or two, that's all -- did you see 'Alice'? There's an example of a movie that was made in 2D and then converted to 3D in post-production, and that's why it looks like crap. And The Matrix has all that flow-motion and special wire effects stuff, there's no way it would've come out looking any way but terrible, and all that would've done was made people come out of the theater going "Oh yeah! 3D sucks!" They needed a movie like Avatar, custom-made to take advantage of every possible corner of the format, in order to convince people 3D was worth any attention at all. (After all, when it's cropped up about once a decade and been shot down again just about as quickly, it's not a surprise when people start to get cynical about the whole idea.)

    2. Aaron Em

      And if it's "serious articles" you want...

      ...then the Reg is not the place to be; the humorless rarely survive. (And anyway, is the guy who "just reads it for the articles" really who you want to be?)

  19. Jon Double Nice

    The only way this can work

    Is if they use Vic Reeves, rather than Keanu Reeves.

    1. Simon Beckett

      @ Jon Double Nice Re: Vic Reeves

      Hmm I can just see him rubbing his knees at The Oracle while she bakes cookies.

      Or maybe Jim Reeves? Oh wait...

    2. Imsimil Berati-Lahn

      You wouldn't let it lie!

      But you should've let it lie.

  20. Anonymous Coward

    Never mind The Matrix sequels

    Cloud Atlas! \o/

    Done right, it could also make heads go 'pop'.

    (and no, it's not *that* David Mitchell)

  21. stizzleswick


    The first one was... interesting. Worth the admittance, anyway.

    <rant> The first "sequel" was superfluous. The second "sequel" should have been banned outright because it contravenes the Geneva convention, particularly the articles about unwarranted cruel treatment of non-combatants. Any further sequels should be investigated by the responsible district attourneys and the people responsible brought before a court of law and sentenced to death by Matrix 3D viewing. </rant>

  22. Anonymous Coward


    Here we go... now instead of gratuitous slow-mo CGI battle scenes, we'll get gratuitous slow-mo, 3D battle scenes. Oh *nooo*, Neo is surrounded by 3000 agents hell-bent on kicking his ass, what ever is going to happen? What? a five minute 3D fight with agents getting tossed around everywhere? As Ted would say: "no way!".

    What? three scenes later we have Neo fight 6000 agents? Wow, such drama.

    Mine's the black trench coat with a small arsenal improbably concealed beneath.

  23. A. Lewis

    I don't get it.

    I liked Reloaded and Revolutions. Reloaded slightly more (mainly 'cos I thought the Smith vs Neo fight that takes up the last quarter of Revolutions was so drawn out). But I never got why everyone was so against the two films. Sure, you have to factor in personal taste, but why does it always seem that the people who dislike the sequels *really* dislike them? Sure they had bad bits, but then the original had some fairly dodgy moments too and that generate anywhere near as much bile.

  24. A. Lewis

    Oh, and....


    Hell NO.

  25. Hakster
    IT Angle


    "If you remember the meeting with the Architect in front of all the TV screens, all the "Ones" looks like Reeves, even down to the clothes he wears - although his reaction to being told what is happening seem to be different each time"

    That actually wasn't all the previous "Ones". That was a simulation of every possible response that Mr Anderson could take to each part of the conversation. Just something to bear in mind. As stated, there wasn't that many previous "Ones" - Zion had only been destroyed 6 previous times, and Neo was the sixth "One".

    As far as more sequels... please no. It just screams "pointless cash-in" after the major failure of the Matrix Online MMO. If they're that desperate for cash, then allow licensing of bullet-time technology. Use of bullet-time with 3D might be a visual spectacle, at least until they realise that the current resurgence of 3D is just a fad and is, in fact, pretty crap.

  26. Aaron Em

    What, the Wachowskis...

    ...couldn't fuck it up enough with their own pair of terrible sequels?

    1. Mystic Megabyte Silver badge


      As stated, there wasn't that many previous "Ones" - Zion had only been destroyed 6 previous times, and Neo was the sixth "One".

      Hakster you're a genius! Now I understand, The Matrix is an American re-make of "The Prisoner".

      Patrick McGoohan is actually in a bad computer simulation where he thinks he is Keanu Reeves.

      Robbed of his ability to act he struggles to escape from the rest of the cast.

      It's all so clear now! I am not a number!

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Oi oi

    There are some sites journalists just SHOULDN'T link to

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bear in mind that Harry Knowles is currently on a lot of medication

    my theory is that people are taking advantage and feeding him bullshit stories...

  29. Joe User

    Re: Title?

    How about "The Matrix: Regurgitated"?

  30. Anonymous Coward

    The Matrix isn't real. ®

    Isnt it, how do you know?

  31. Lord Lien
    Thumb Up

    Get some decent script writers...

    .. & there could still be life in the old dog yet.

  32. stucs201

    Plot issues aside Bullet Time and 3D could be a good match

    If they're using so many cameras at different angles anyway then it'd at least be likely to be shot properly, rather than post-processed 3d.

  33. D. A. Blake


    The proof here:

  34. John Deeb


    Funny how many comments trying to be helpful on the matrix reload idea missed some of the finer details.

    The Neos on the screens are likely not parallel versions inside the 6th Matrix as you can hear him respond: "Five versions? Three?" on the screens. So that would mean the number six would be only valid in the current thread. The parallel processing imagined by the writers might be a few scales more complex than is explained to the audience.

    As for the agents being able to recognize Keanu's face: don't forget also most if not all maintenance programs managing in the matrix are also reset each time. It's unlikely the machine world entities are logging the order of a few measly localized terabytes in a yottabyte setup.

    I'm glad I learned of the deZionized version here. The future of movies: to be able to mix our own cocktail of scenes?

  35. Anonymous Coward

    Please explain

    I might have this wrong...

    In the last Matrix, the architect reveals that Neo ain't the first. Then Neo goes on to the 'real' world above, produces magical powers (I mean, stopping incoming missiles/drones counts right?) and then dies eventually.

    Assuming that this is not Wonderland, one would have to presume that those magical powers simply displayed the fact that Neo still was and always was in a Matrix, perhaps the matrix around the one we usually refer to.

    Does he really have magical powers or did I get that wrong?

  36. windywoo

    Too many fuckwits

    Face it the average movie goer is a fuckwit, so it's no surprise that the Matrix sequels got panned. Once that initial wow of seeing bullet time wore off, the numpties tuned out. The whole "is it real or not" was enough philosophy for the general cinema going dickwad and they didn't feel like thinking any deeper about it. Don't forget that the second Matrix contains one of the best car chases ever, and that fight with Neo and hundreds of Smiths. The third one didn't pay enough attention to Smith, that was why I found it slightly disappointing but I felt it took the story to it's natural conclusion.

    Just what were the haters expecting from the sequels?

  37. FozzyBear Silver badge

    I think I have mentioned this before

    This very same site on hearing the news about the reboot of star trek screamed bloody murder. since then many of those same people have come back and touted the reboot as a great movie. Myself included.

    Now that said Matrix and matrix reloaded great movies. No.3 blew.

    Adding a 4th and 5th movie I'm sorry to say will fail completely

  38. The BigYin


    One was good. Tweo was meh. Three was crap. Stop now, you have lost the plot. Literally.

    Matrix one wasn't about the F/X (mostly stolen from "Ghost in the Shell" etc) it was about the realising of self over the network (err....also kinda nicked from "Ghost in the Shell"). Two was about...bollocks, and three about the money.

    Really, leave this kind of movie to the Japanese who know how the hell to tell this kind of story. Is that racist? Maybe. But at least the Japanese are not afraid to do a story without lowering it to the lowest common denominator.

    Just look at what the Yanks did to "Taxi", "Nikita", "Das Experiment" or any other movie/show of recent merit. Some Yanks at least know this, they made a show parodying their own crapitude. We like movies *because* they are difficult. The increasing Americanisation of film (e.g. the recent "Ponyo") is to the detriment of the art.

    The consumer is no longer challenged, which should be the bloody point. Each film should be trying in their own way to raise the bar, but no. Crap prevails, a bit like American beer. Take "Dead Gentleman Productions". Utter shit I grant you, but watch their movies and you cannot fail to be entertaining (with d20 chance of amusement). They are at least trying, and actually appear to understand irony (a precious commodity State-side)

    I love Anime, SciFi, Action, blah-de-blah; I caught "Casablanca" over Chrimbo and was blown away. Why are films like this not made any more? Pond-dwelling, accountant scum; that's why. Too afraid or real art and the possibility of failure. And if we do not reach for the stars...

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
      Thumb Up

      ^ This

      what he said.

  39. Steven Raith

    The Animatrix

    With any luck they might do a prequel based on what, if I recall, were title The Second Renaissance I & II from that series.

    The rest were a bit pants, but those two did a nice job of fleshing out the barely touched upon origins of the Matrix universe.

    Not a Matrix fanboi, FWIW, but I did enjoy those.

    It's certainly ripe for monster battle scenes.

    Steven R

  40. Sarah Davis

    3D is not a foundation

    3D shmeedy, how about a sript that isn't lame - "The Matrix needed Neo to make the decision and has effectively scripted all the events that lead up to that decision" - a-hem (Asimov's 'Foundation' anyone), but a new twist on an old story is ok providing you don't make it suck (matrix 2 & 3) - DeZionized was much better, and made more sense. I'm guessing, going by the Asimov series (19 books) that of the new Matrix's one will be prequal, which would be cool, and other will be what happened after Neo's last phonecall - oooooooo

  41. Danny 6
    Thumb Up

    Best - description - ever

    "philosophical metaphysical headfuckery"

  42. Anonymous Coward

    "unsexiest sex scenes in cinematic history"

    I bet they could make a worse one.


    *Neo stands up quicky and rips off his clothes* "Time for sex okay"

    Then his balls explode. (they could make some really compelling 3D of that.)

    They could set it to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, it wouldn't be less appropriate than what they used last time.

  43. Ben Rosenthal


    have to agree that the Animatrix was actually an amazing little body of work, far superior to anything after the first very enjoyable film.

  44. AlistairJ

    Oh ffs

    I read the first four comments and already I am in Matrix head wobble land. Let me out!

    Yes the idea of a M2/3 mashup leaving out all the rubbish underground human stuff sounds great.

    Will M4/5 be any better? Perhaps the oracle has the answer. Or failing that, ceefax.

  45. Arctic fox

    It isn't even April yet.

    As somebody has just pointed out on this thread ( the report appears to be aimed at ringing our collective bells, ie it is bo***cks. Or maybe not. It is quite possible that the collective howl of anguish that began to reverberate through cyberspace when this report first began to circulate reached whichever matrix Neo is holed up in and he changed his mind.

  46. Chaosechoz
    Paris Hilton

    What about....

    Taking a leap out of the Matrix: Online (trash game I know).

    One of the many factions you could do missions for where the "Followers of Neo" a group of folks that believed in Neo's mission and what he stood for I think?

    So here's an idea, Morpheus gets whacked while in the Matrix by (lets say for argument sake Agent Smith yet again!) Nyrobi and Ghost form the new team for the Neberkenezzer (or however it is spelt) and The lad from the 3rd movie (the one that seemed to have a hard-on for when even neo walked into a room and the kid would near shit himself with orgasmic excitement at his mere presence!!) Could become the next Neo like person.

    Any thoughts?

  47. Gilgamesh
    Paris Hilton

    I'd like to see The Matrix redone as a musical.

    Just picture it, big song and dance ending, hundreds of Agent Smiths tap-dancing, Busby Berkeley routine in 3D stop-motion.

    And to really top it all, recast Paris Hilton as Trinity. I'd pay to watch that.

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