back to article Google's revenue machine stays unstoppable in Q4

With all the hubbub about Larry Page taking over as CEO of Google, it was easy to miss the stellar fourth-quarter financial results the company reported on Thursday. Net income for the quarter that ended on December 31 rose nine per cent to $2.54bn, or $7.81 a share, from $1.97bn, or $6.13, during the year-ago quarter. Revenue …


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  1. mhenriday

    Given that

    «[r]evenue from outside the US was 52 per cent of revenue, with the UK accounting for 10 percent, or $878m», perhaps it would be wise for Google, rather than playing musical chairs with Messrs Schmidt, Page, and Brin as players, to consider internationalising its top leadership, including the layer immediately under the Big Three, which AFAIK (I may be wrong and if so, request correction) seems to be entirely dominated by persons from the USA. Perhaps a widening of the base for recruiting this leadership would make the latter a tad more cautious in, e g, participating in political campaigns orchestrated by the US State Department....


  2. drmexico
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    Dire Straits

    byline made me chuckle...

  3. Tigra 07 Silver badge
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    Wait til next year...

    Their revenue will increase even more as Android spreads as most apps are free and Google will collect cash from the adverts.

    I'm just glad i got an Android before Win Phone 7 came out or i'd have a phone that appears to have flopped and uses your data cap on its own.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    LOL "Money for nothing and your clicks for free"

    "Money for nothing and your clicks for free"

    can we have that as a standard sub text on all "DPI" and Phorm/commercial piracy for profit related stories as as an Elreg rule from now on please , i like it :D

This topic is closed for new posts.

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