back to article Local facilities in NBN Co contract win

One Australian firm, and two internationals with local manufacturing facilities, will share a potential $1.2 billion in NBN Co contracts announced yesterday. The company rolling out out the government-backed fibre-to-most-premises network has anointed Corning and Prysmian to supply optical fibre cables, with local company …


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  1. -tim
    Black Helicopters

    Arm's length? As in handshake length?

    What is going to happen in Conroy will try for the party leadership just as soon as his knife come back from the sharpener and if he fails at that, then he will resign just about the time that an opening for CEO of NBN comes up as Quigly retires for what the 3rd time? Since none of that should happen until after the next election, it is the longest term plan of any current politician.

  2. Steve Roper
    Big Brother

    Thus it begins

    Here comes the NBN, which as an adjunct requires Telstra to remove all its old copper - thus FORCING everyone onto the NBN for all Internet access. And we all know that Conjob's damnable filter is built into the very foundations of this thing, so avoiding the censorship once it comes in will be that much more difficult. Which is exactly why they're forcing everyone onto it.

  3. Big-nosed Pengie

    “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”


  4. A B 3

    Going back to BBSes

    You don't have the government or google tracking everything you do.

    Near my old house Telstra has underground cables in pipes with service hatches. Easy to service and I remember them upgrading to fibre with out destroying anything.

    At my new house the footpaths have been dug up and re-layed twice to upgrade the electricity. No-one thought it might handy to lay serviceable pipes.

    What I hear from the NBN construction is that they are digging up peoples driveways and frontyards and leaving a mess. It will be a eyesore for decades whereever the NBN goes in. If ever someone digs through the cable they will have to dig up half the street to fix it.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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