back to article Motion Computing outs Windows slate

Some say Intel's 'Oak Trail' platform - foundation for an upcoming Atom-based system-on-a-chip - isn't proving too popular with tablet makers, but Motion Computing, for one, will be using it. Its Motion CL900 slate will run Windows 7 on the Intel SoC. The chip giant announced Oak Trail in 2010, promising the platform's early …


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  1. Raumkraut

    Check the bezel on that one

    It seems all the other tablets announced recently have been competing to eliminate the screen bezel as much as possible.

    This thing is more bezel than that Elonex One from donkeys ago. Very retro.

  2. Bill 2


    Made me laugh anyway.

  3. Bob H


    Prices start at £825?

    Wow, does it come with gold plating on the back?!

    1. uhuznaa

      Bezels are your friends

      Minimal bezels may look better but wide ones work better. Having ample room to place your thumbs and to hold the thing instead of having to grip it at the edges is much more comfortable.

      Apart from that I don't see a bright future for this thing.

    2. Magnus Ramage


      I think it must have been a typo. I'm sure it must have been a typo. Otherwise why would it be twice as much as a top-end netbook, iPad or Galaxy Tab? Or am I missing something about how much superior this device is to any of its obvious competitors?

    3. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: WOW

      No, just the Windows tax on the front and the Intel tax on the inside.......

  4. K Silver badge

    RE: Prices will start at £825

    April Fools...

  5. A. Lewis

    What's new?

    Motion have been making windows slate PCs for years.

    We've still got a couple of theirs knocking around the storeroom here at work, running XP MCE. I somehow doubt the new ones are any more useful.

  6. amehaye

    Lasts "up to" 8 Hours...

    *On Idle*.

    iPad does more than 8 hours *while continuously playing 3D shooter* or watching movies.

    Wake me up when you can beat that.

  7. hitmouse
    Thumb Up

    Apples and high-powered oranges

    It's not a Netbook, it's a tablet computer with a 30GB SSD, wth a capacitive touchscreen that's larger than an iPad with pen support and it's also ruggedized for military use.

    As for comparisons with an IPad, it's got USB and SD support and much more built in. It's much more powerful and feature-laden than an iPad.

    I had a Motion M1300 slate about 8 years ago. Fantastic quality tablet. I'm looking for something of similar screen size to use for sheet music (since an iPad is too small for this).

  8. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    It's a different tool

    Motion make high quality, and expensive, often semi-rugged slates. They're expensive because they probably don't make that many - and can't run a supply chain like Apple. But if a full-fat PC is what you want, that's relatively light, and you can hold in one hand, and operate in the other, they're pretty damned good. Especially as loads of the other manufacturers gave up on the slate format 4 or 5 years ago, and only build the convertible tablet things, with the built in keyboard.

    Last time I looked at their site, their cheapest tablet was about £1,200 - this is a considerable cut. Remember that the 64GB iPad is already £600, and doesn't do pen input or USB, and is very locked down, this isn't a bad a margin in price, for the extra features. If you need them.

    Personally I didn't, so got an iPad. But I liked Motion's kit.

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